Petrol Price Down, Petrol Rebate?

If you haven’t filled up your car at the nearest station, you should. Because you’ll be dancing and shaking your bonbons. The current market price as of 3rd December 2008 is RM 1.90 per liter. Below the initial price of RM 1.92.

However we missed out on the Petrol Rebate which can STILL be collected at your local post office. No one would say no to RM600.

If the government decides to put a brake on this, what’ll happens to the December road tax renewals? Should the government decline their rights to collect the rebate? Oh my, what a tight situation we have here.

Now for the sake of argument, those are tax payer money. And with the edgy economic crisis, cash is power. If we give the money to vehicle owners, the gov will have lesser money to spend. Likewise, vehicle owner’s neck. A classic case of “telan mati mak, luak mati bapak“.

Although I’d like to think the gov have alienated the rebate money, those money could be spent to cultivate our economy, especially the food sector. Hey, we all need to eat to live, and Halal food is where we can aim our guns at.

Speaking of food, why is it heavily priced? Blame the fuel hike? Not anymore. The gov should really investigate middle man and suppliers in great detail. They could be raking huge unseen profits.

Since petrol price fluctuates in accordance to world’s demand, I’ll let this slip and not blame the government but anticipate their next move.

ps: Dr Sarah (soon-to-be), I’m sorry for your loss. If you need database help, let me know.

pss: Megat, don’t quit. Your fight to change Malaysian’s way of thinking is nowhere to close to an end. In fact it’s just beginning.

psss: Nokia E71, Apple iPhone, Samsung Omnia or HTC Touch Duo? Battle of the PDA.. scrap! New 24″ LCD please.

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