Pecah Rumah di Keramat

Last weekend my parents house were broken-in. Thankfully, nobody was in the house to witness this unlawful behavior. I can’t imagine what they’ll do if any of my family members were in when the incident took place.

Pecah Rumah di Keramat

This is my parents room. They literally pulled everything out to search for jewelries. Luckily, mom took it with her during her trip to Kota Kinabalu.

Pecah Rumah di Keramat

The house was a big mess. It was as if we were planning to move out.

Our lost wasn’t great, it was a few piggy banks, mom’s watch, dad’s pens and a brand new non stick frying pan. Why frying pan? Beats me. I guess they were upset of not acquiring anything significant of value from the break-in.

Pecah Rumah di Keramat

The point of entry was through my dad’s study room. The windows were peeled off and they slammed through the grille. I have to say the foundation of the grille is pretty weak.

My dad didn’t want to lodge a police report. He said it’s pretty useless. I have to agree with him on that. Our law enforcers are nothing more than a tool of politics. This is not the first time it has happened in my area. There were more than my fingers can count before us. So where are the men in blues?

Despite all this, my deepest condolence goes to my mom. She’s still traumatized about the incident. Imagine having to sleep in the a house with opened access. Surely you’d be as restless as her.

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9 thoughts on “Pecah Rumah di Keramat”

  1. that is scary & nasib baik takde org kat rumah when it happened.
    similar thing happened to me
    a thief tried nak break in the house masa i tido
    he managed to steal the house keys sbb my housemate letak dekat dgn tingkap (careless!)
    when we lodge a police report, dia tanya ade barang hilang lain tak?
    when we said no dia kata tak payah report la
    boleh ke gitu?

  2. Wow, reverse psychology. It seemed to do the trick for us all this while, except we still have grille, and just normal a lock. So nobody really bothered about breaking-in

  3. Bodoh jugak polis. The whole purpose is to make us feel more optimistic and safe, not running around chasing thieves (I doubt they can, with their belly and all)

  4. A brand new non stick pan? Memang desperate mereka ni. Tapi itu kira okay lagi. Baru² ni my 3years old nephew hilang basikal. You know basikal 3 roda? Yang harga cuma RM80. Itu pun mereka nak cekau. Memang bodoh piang. Berapa sen sangat dapat hasil jual basikal tu? Mereka tak fikir ke perasaan budak tu bila keluar rumah tengok, “Maa.. basikal mana? Basikal mana?” Bila cakap basikal hilang, mana budak tu tau hilang tu apa kan? Sehari suntuk dia dok whining basikal hilang, basikal hilang. Kita rasa sedih tengok dia.

    Lapor polis? Tak payah. Lebih tension jadinya. Tagline diorg adalah “Kita akan jalankan siasatan.” atau pun “Siasatan sedang dijalankan.” Tapi sampai bila pun kita tak akan dapat keputusan siasatan itu. A never ending investigations.

  5. Tak payah siasat. Just be prepared for the next heat, buat byk lagi rounds, itu pon tak boleh nak buat. Dorg dok ingat kite suruh die cari balik barang hilang. Dorg betul tak paham konsep “keselamatan” langsung. Tak pikir ke orang trauma sbb kes pecah masuk. Buatnye next time masuk rumah, rogol, atau pukul orang, kan dah rasa macam nak tampar sekor2 polis.

    Basikal 3 roda tu mmg tragis. Apelah die nak buat dgn basikal tu. Jual besi kati kot? Tapi berape hasil dapat pon?

  6. Salam, lambat sikit komen, melaporkan insiden ini merupakan tanggungjawab kita pada kawasan penduduk di sekitar. Isu sama ada polis menjalankan tugas atau tidak berdasarkan insiden yang masih terjadi atau tiada tindakan dilakukan adalah isu berasingan dan kerana ketidakcekapan institusi polis itu sendiri.

    My condolence goes to your family.

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