Pardon My Intrusion

There was a time when I think blogging sucks. That is now.
There was a time when I think I blog about crap. That is now.

It’s funny after 6 months of blogging, I don’t really feel like myself. Am I not SAD anymore? Did my DREAM came true? What happened to the EMO me? What happened to the real NoktahHitam?

I think I’m being friendly. Is that good?

I think of my audience more than myself. No way this is good.

I think too much 😈 :vangry:

When I blog, I want to share what I had in mind. Be it a rough idea or dejected by majority. I don’t want to truncate my writings. I don’t want to be a problogger like MohdIsmail, LiewCF nor the likes of SDN or AnakKecil. I don’t want to care about SEO or how many comments I get per post. I want to be the unedited me. The one who doesn’t want to marry a doctor. The darker side of me.

I think I grew up ➡

Darn it.

ps: Theme is 90% complete, cleaning up some codes :up:

pss: I thank my best-est friends for teaching me the meaning of happiness :kiss:

psss: Also I thank my other buds, whom reminded NoktahHitam is just an alter ego and not the real me ➡

pssss: From now on, I will write the best of both worlds, mine and the world that surrounds you 😯

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