Paper Price To Increase by 50%

Paper price

I guess it’s now screaming “RECYCLE ME!” in case you missed Sunday’s Headline. The price of paper & stationery may increase to 50% by year end.

For many of those who don’t really know me, I am all ‘green’. Also being one of the reason of not participating in the last general election, no party preached about global warming or going green.

As a web developer, my work evolves around computer. My thoughts are usually penned on my used Lab Book aka buku amali. I usually cram everything onto my Google Docs, use emails & pdf for official matters and try my best not to print anything. Heck I don’t even buy newspaper! (again, that’s why I built

The beauty of using Google Docs is collaboration. You can share documents with others without having to give multiple copies. Best of all, it’s free! Google Docs in layman terms [youtube].


It’s long sigh if you’re a boss, but this is your social obligation. So “Think Before You PRINT“. It’ll cost a bomb (soon).

ps: It’s good to see Multi-National Companies have these small reminder to save paper on their email signatures. GLCs and GOCs? Non. You should, because I have one.

pss: Now you know where Maxis got the idea for their latest tv ads?

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