Pakcik Jaga Nepal

Pakcik Jaga Nepal

On normal working days, I’d park my car around the office compound. Almost all the time I was greeted by the friendly Nepal guards, “Morning Boss”.

To be reasonably humble, you can’t just reply with “Morning”. You must initiate a short conversation. The routine is, “Sudah makan?”. Their usual response is “Sudah” and followed by a smile that stretches from ear to ear. The same question echoes whether I got back from lunch or meeting, without fail, I’d ask the same question and get the usual reply.

Over the pass 4 weeks, it has become a muscle brain for them. Even without saying anything, they’d say “Sudah” and I’d smile in return.

Today I arrived early.

I locked my car and walked towards them. From afar, they raised their hand, much like saluting Hitler. As I passed them, I asked my routine question, only this time, with a slight of improvisation.

“Sudah BERAK?”

“Sudah”, he answered confidently with a huge grin.

“Bagus!” with my hand covering my mouth, I giggled my way up the slope. PWNED!

It took him a few seconds to digest. By then, I was already at the main entrance. He turned and shouted, “BOSS, SAYA BELUM BERAK” and we laughed horribly loud.

ps: The guys smoking outside the entrance was rather puzzled when the guard shouted those impolite words.

pss: Tomorrow, I’ll buy them lunch, to make up for me ridiculing him.


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  1. ‘sudah’ baca (he3).


  3. jahat la weh. tak baik.

  4. jahat!

  5. Siot je.

    Yang Nepal tu pun satu hal. Dah figured out the word, tayah la jerit kuat2 to correct the earlier mistake.


  6. Heheh, cute. At least your Nepalese guard Did take the trouble to fully digest what you said!

  7. hahahaahahah u make my day lah
    mmg lawak giler ko

  8. Mmg laa tak baik. Aku test BM die je. Cekap ke tak 😛

  9. Ko baru tau aku jahat? Igtkan dah lame

  10. It’s early morning bro, 730 am camtu. No one was there except for kaki pompoy kt lobby.

  11. I wanted to test his Malay language, turns out, he does understand other than “Sudah”

  12. Dulu aku study jauh2, aku cakap Melayu je dgn mat salleh. Semua blur haram. Best siot!

  13. aku kat sini lagi la. kalau nak borak b melayu, kena proper melayu, cannot rojak sebab nanti depa tahu. hehe

  14. nakal sungguh kamu.. hahahahaha..!!

  15. ahahaha.. nice :p

    jgn lupa belikn makanan esok.. hehe

  16. I liiike pakcik jaga too! ^)^

  17. eddie ni memang camni
    suke sakat orang

  18. nakal 😛

    it reminds me of one occasion where the photographer replaced the usual, boring “say cheese” with “say berak” during photo session.

    the expression captured in the photo = priceless! haha

  19. The said photographer doesn’t happen to share the same name as me kan? 😛

    ps: I did the same thing too 😛

  20. Kepuasan max bile kite sakat orang

  21. hak3.. dah bleh predict ape yang ko nak buat.. hehe, best gak. Sayangnye kat tempat aku takde pakgad camtue, kalo tak jadik mangsa gak dia.. hoho

  22. hahahahahaha,pandai ko pekena guard2 tuh.


    mau lepas ni dia dengar dan paham betul2 baru bagi respon 😛

  23. haha.. now i know u guys like the word ‘berak’ wakakakaka

  24. This reminds me of my Bangla story. I’ll post it in my blog.

  25. haha…klakar giler.. Mungkin jawapan ‘Sudah’ tu sudah menjadi skema jawapan kepada beliau. keke..Mungkin esok, anda kena tanya soalan sudah mandi??haha..mungkin tak dapat jawapan lain…hehs..

  26. sudah mandi boss?

  27. hahahaha. main jawab je diorang tu ye.

  28. aku gelak guling-guling dowh. sakit perut aku. haha. tak senonoh betul kau ni. si nepal tu plak lurus bendul pegi jawab kuat2.


  29. hahaha .. teringat arwah apak cerita .. masa dia pi check up … dr tanya ….

    “ada kuntut??”


  30. gila lawak.. hahaha… Tak pernah dibuat orang…

  31. Aduh, terkentut gua baca. Maybe I should try that with the pak jaga manning the pondok guarding my neighbourhood.

  32. I like, awesome!
    Make sure to get them good stuff too! 😀

  33. hahahaha…
    cekap jugak pak guard nepal tu tangkap ape ko cakap.
    next time surely dia watch out ape ko cakap dgn dia.

  34. hahaha. 😛 LOL.

    by the way, belanja tak diorang makan? 😛

  35. eddie, i pun dah berak dah tadi. ahahahaha

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