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Aku Dan Kereta, Gen2 aka Jenny

This is a contest post for SalamMedia (yes, even as the owner, I want to win the iPadMini!)

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So my story goes on about my love and hate relationship with my Gen2.

It’s been 8 Years plus I have driven/owned the car. It has been with me through ups and down, street racing, dates, road trips, chances are, everything. To be frank Proton Gen2 is probably one of the most problematic car I have ever driven, but cars and cars.

I could list down all the problem but I think I should refrain from doing that now.

Few days back, my wife borrowed my car, since I ride daily now. Yes, she can drive a manual car and I complain a lot about her driving. Anyways, she literally broke the steering while pressing the horn.

Can you believe it, by pressing the horn and it breaks to smithereens? Ok, maybe not smaller pieces. It is broken!


I remember running into the car in front and the airbag never deployed. When I called Proton and asked about it, they said I have to be at certain speed for it to deploy. I don’t know how they calculate the G, but that is one lame excuse. It’s like telling me to break my neck first, then it will deploy. They also told me to bring the car to the factory, to get it fix, I have to pay for the airbag and 1 week in the bay. Wow, that’s a handful!

If you ever want to buy a car, don’t buy Proton. You’d probably say it’s my luck, but if in 100 cars manufactured and there are at least 17 faults in a brand new these Proton, it’s no longer luck. It just means quality is secondary.

Anyways, if you want to renew roadtax insurance and get 15% off, book now. Offer ends 31st March.

The Absence of Friends

I realized I am slowly being sidelined by my friends.

We bore a lovely girl (well, not me of course), but none of my friends came to visit. It saddens me a little. Every now and then I see gathering pictures, I am filled with envy, not because I couldn’t make it, but I didn’t get the invite.

Perhaps I am living in my own world, building my virtual empire. Shit I’m lonely.

Because Riding A Superbike is Not Extreme Enough

Firstly, my bike isn’t superbike, but the spare part suggests that it is in that range.


While a lot of crazy videos are posted on Youtube, doing top speed, wild police chase, muffler sound test etc. I assure you I am what most rempit call, a wuss. I have this 70 horse power between my leg, but I don’t use most of it, because I didn’t have to. Biking is not extreme, if you’re pushing too hard it will kill you.

That is why I am going to Sky Trex Shah Alam!

As an organizer myself, I am not sure what awaits me but I do know it has 3 separate tracks, easy, intermediate and extreme, hanging between trees like monkeys. I imagined it something like Ninja Warrior or WipeOut. Truthfully, I am scare of heights, but most men are (except for apes and monkeys).

Ninja Warrior is a great display of balance and strength.

Wipeout, well, it is pretty funny to see people boink around.

If you want adventure, meet new (blogging) friends, experience new thrills, write a blog post about the event and why you deserved it. InsyaAllah, you’ll be the chosen one and we’re looking for 25 bloggers (1+1 pass), in case, you are shy, you can bring your friend.

ps: The link is SkyTrex Bukit Cerakah

Awas Myvi, 3rd Light Brake Problem

If you’re driving a Myvi or any Perodua car, you should check your third brake light as often as possible. Once a month is fine.

The other day, I almost ran into one. It was night time and hard to distinguish between normal back light or braking lights since the third brake light isn’t functioning. This is definitely not the first encounter.

I have observed this malfunction by Perodua ages ago when I borrowed my cousin’s 3 weeks old car. We were issued with a RM 300 summon by the Police. How we wish we could bill Perodua for this. It was as if an under table deal was done between Perodua and PDRM, if make the third light cincai, you go find the myvis ok?

Changing the bulb is easy. The bulb will cost you RM 5 (at most), however, I would recommend changing to LED. It would increase the aesthetic and likelihood to burn out sooner.

Save lives today, save your pocket too.

ps: @azmanishak and @ejamothman, tengokkan Alza juga ya.

You Don’t Have To Be A Hero


It was drizzling when we arrived at the fast food chain to get our fix on cheap caffeine. As much as I hate to admit, Sara is slowing us down, we had to be really careful when extracting her from the car. We don’t want her to get wet. Thankfully we had a huge umbrella enough to cover us three.

I deliberately left my red semi-broken umbrella outside because it was wet and someone might need it.

A family of was trying to get to their car which was on the opposite side of road, calculating the possibility of getting drenched by the monsoon. I wanted to offer my umbrella, but the father decided to take the leap of faith. He ran into rain towards his car. He’s taken care of, I told myself as I walked in and ordered our cheap caffeine.

Soon I saw the mother ushering the kids into the car using the umbrella. She was the only one outside the car, trying to fold the umbrella and put it where she found it. I dashed through the entrance and got the umbrella.

“Maam, let me walk you to the car.” Like any polite being, she refused the offer, but I insisted with my foot already in a puddle.

Everyone in the car waved goodbye. Doing good sends shivers down my spine. It’s like getting a customer to agree on a deal. It felt good.

We had our drinks and took turn to play with Sara till the rain stopped. We left the fast food chain soon for the following appointment and forgot about the umbrella. My wife will be mad if she finds out about this.

ps: Which reminds me about the yellow umbrella incident years ago.