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I Wish I Knew the Price of Kawasaki ER6N Tyre Before Owning One

Before I bought my Kawasaki ER6N (nick name “Mutu”), I never bothered about the total cost of ownership of the bike. I did ask around, mostly responded it would cost as much as maintaining a car, I told myself I can live with that, I was wrong.


The tyre that came with the bike is worn out. I can feel it twitching when I try to give it a little torque. On dry days, riding to and from office is easy. It got worst when it rains. Pakcik going to mosque laps quicker than Mutu.

I deliberately delay the change because a MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 2 set of wheel costs RM980. Yes, That’s enough to change all 4 tyres on Jenny (my Gen2). But that’s not all, through wear and tear, a car tyre can potentially last 2-3 years, motorcycle tyre last about a year. Mutu is about 15,000km (not really far).


MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 2 – ER6N size is front: 120/60/17 and rear tyre: 160/60/17

Why is it expensive? Well, a motorcycle tyre is made of 3 to 5 compound, soft-medium-hard. Soft gives you grip but wears out quickly. Hard gives you the endurance but lacks the grip. Mixing this compound is only natural. Normally, hard is place in the center and softer by the side. The shape of the thread also plays an important role for wet or dry.

I did search at Mudah.my just to familiarize with other options. Due to the nature of Mudah, some tyre are not longer displayed. So I Googled, it was very specific, thus making it harder to find. To be honest, I didn’t know what exactly to find, I just keyed in “Tayar ER6N”, a lot of links selling the bike instead of the tyre. I also didn’t know the size of my tyre nor the brand (I couldn’t see on Mutu’s tyre). So I went to Facebook and found a nearby shop.

(Note: for brick and mortar shops, it is really important to have Facebook page or Mudah Niaga.)

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 10.51.44 PM

I went there with my car for two reasons, 1. I didn’t want to be conned/pushed to purchase. 2. I wanted to see how they treated the bike and customer. The staff was really helpful, explaining stuff I didn’t even consider. I got the price for MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 2 brand new for RM950 after bargaining but it proves to be to steep for me. Hey man, I can buy an iPad with that money (what an iFag!).

I walked around the shop (they were pretty happy to see me exploring the shop) and my eyes were fixed on used tyre. I was really surprised to see the condition of these tyre. The kid told me, sometimes bikers change tyre because they hated how it handles, some wants better grip. Well, one mans trash is another man’s treasure. It did feel like I found a unicorn. After negotiating, I got the  MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 2  for RM 690.


They carefully put on paddock stand and extract the old tyre.


The front tyre was wobbly and the wear is uneven making it harder to control during raining season.

Personally, it didn’t really matter whether is new or used, I just need one soonest before I go crazy getting stuck in traffic jam commuting to work.

How does MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 2 handle? Well, as a noob biker, I say it does take a while to adjusting to the new one. Because the tyre is so round, it felt unbalanced when it is slightly tipped to the side. On straight line, better grip. Giving additional torque does make it feeling doing a little wheelie. Corners are fantastic, entrance is easy and exit is the best. I have rode the ER6N for 2 years, I have never done anything above 70kmh while cornering, on MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 2, I did 85kmh and it felt natural.

I would to reemphasize that I am a relatively new biker and comparison was made against the OEM tyre.

So to those who are still dreaming of owning big bikes, I seriously urge you to consider this, the tyre cost change annually RM 1k, Road tax and insurance about RM 1.5 k, maintenance RM 600 (every 4 months or mileage). Now, you need an additional RM 3,100 per year just to maintain the bike. For starters go for 250cc bikes.

Hence the reason of buying a big bike is critical. The parts aren’t exactly cheap, the oil change isn’t too, accessories costs your pinky finger, helmet maybe a bomb, safety and yara-yara. If there’s any advise I can give to fellow riders or aspiring rider and this has been passed on to me by other riders is, “Ride within your means”. Budget, speed, guts, safety and reason. I ride to escape the traffic, therefore I don’t have to ride like a maniac :)

Manager Baru

“Esok aku nak tengok slides tu”..

“Slides apa?” aku tanya semula.

“Kita ada diskusi hari tu”. Dalam hati ini berapi bagai lava meleleh keluar volcano, sungguh mudah kau outsource kerja-kerja. Mentang-mentang manager baru.

Aku korek lebih mendalam, “untuk apa proposal ni?” Yara-yara, ringkas dan merata-rata ungkapan keluar. Aku bukan tidak suka membantu orang, tetapi kalau sembang kemas, tetapi tiada arah, sama macam penjual kereta terpakai yg serba serbi tahu dan kenal satu Malaysia.

Aku cukup pantang buat perkara yang tidak bermanfaat, ibarat menembak dengan senapang patah, peluru berserpihan, semua kena tetapi satu pun tak mati. Aku lebih suka menjadi snipper, tilik dalam diam dan tembak bila perlu.

Kau manager baru, aku orang lama. Dipisah pangkat dan darjat, aku pak turut sahaja.

#PrayforMH370 or More?

It’s been 14 days since  flight MH370 went missing. It’s as if the whole world is trying to look for it. This is indeed a plausible joint effort by all, but the question is, is that all that we have to care about? No.

The plane is still considered safe until debris are found. This means 239 people are still alive until proven otherwise. This may be insensitive, but why are trying so hard to manage perception of the foreigners? Why are we allocating a lot of resources to find a missing plane? Why continue looking for the missing 239 people when 50 accidents daily on the way to work/home?

50 dies daily

Harian Metro – 15 Mac 2014

Now if 50 happens daily, then within the span of 2 weeks, 700 cases has been reported.

So, is the government trying to tell me, that 239 people (local + foreign) is more valuable than 700 of our own? Can this 700 accidents be prevented? Maybe not, but we can reduce it. We can actually study why our roads are lousy (not as spec), bumpy (poor workmanship), incompetent drivers (retrain everyone) and it goes a long way.

Personally, I think Malaysian are so obsessed with misfortune. Anytime of day, no matter where, when there’s a road accident, there’s bound to be slow drive by just to get a glimpse of the dismembered body parts and this causes massive traffic jam.

We pray for MH370 safety, perhaps we should also pray for these 5o accidents daily should never happen in the first place. So pray more.

ps: I mean no disrespect to the 239 families involved. While I do understand you are mourning, this does mean the 50 other families daily safety should be taken for granted.

Find Yourself Sara!



You have loads of cousin around your age. We predict you will be best bud with Hana on your left. So let me set some guidelines for you.

  • As you get older, you will quarrel but I hope it won’t last long.
  • Always share your toys, nobody likes to play with snobbish kids.
  • When you encounter a bully, you can run, but I suggest you stand up when this happens to your friends/family.
  • Be kind to others. No matter what happens, you do not get to be selfish.
  • Acknowledge differences. Understand and take into consideration other’s opinion.
  • Love others. Even when they hate you.

If all else fail, just know it in you, we’ll always have your back and catch your fall.

-Love, Abah

Aku Dan Kereta, Gen2 aka Jenny

This is a contest post for SalamMedia (yes, even as the owner, I want to win the iPadMini!)

RichPlan4u is an online service for Car Road tax and Insurance renewal agent. Something similar like MyEG, except they are offering 15% off on top of NCD. You can refer to this link for the terms and you can also prebook the discount by submitting this form.

So my story goes on about my love and hate relationship with my Gen2.

It’s been 8 Years plus I have driven/owned the car. It has been with me through ups and down, street racing, dates, road trips, chances are, everything. To be frank Proton Gen2 is probably one of the most problematic car I have ever driven, but cars and cars.

I could list down all the problem but I think I should refrain from doing that now.

Few days back, my wife borrowed my car, since I ride daily now. Yes, she can drive a manual car and I complain a lot about her driving. Anyways, she literally broke the steering while pressing the horn.

Can you believe it, by pressing the horn and it breaks to smithereens? Ok, maybe not smaller pieces. It is broken!


I remember running into the car in front and the airbag never deployed. When I called Proton and asked about it, they said I have to be at certain speed for it to deploy. I don’t know how they calculate the G, but that is one lame excuse. It’s like telling me to break my neck first, then it will deploy. They also told me to bring the car to the factory, to get it fix, I have to pay for the airbag and 1 week in the bay. Wow, that’s a handful!

If you ever want to buy a car, don’t buy Proton. You’d probably say it’s my luck, but if in 100 cars manufactured and there are at least 17 faults in a brand new these Proton, it’s no longer luck. It just means quality is secondary.

Anyways, if you want to renew roadtax insurance and get 15% off, book now. Offer ends 31st March.