Orang Arab Kecek Kelate… Riuh Satu Kampung!

Bile orang Kelatan speaking Arab, takde plak kecoh orang-orang Arab? Haiissh.. mende remeh gak dok bangge-bangge kan.

Come on, don’t think inside the box, nor outside the box, JUST THINK!

ps: Selamat Hari Raya, puasa 6 jangan lupe.

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10 thoughts on “Orang Arab Kecek Kelate… Riuh Satu Kampung!”

  1. Another thing some people proud of are those Belacan and Paku dudes. So what if some white people can speak Malay? C’mon la.

    Malays in all over the world can speak other language but they . They can speak Arab, Japan, Chinese, German, France and whatsover.

  2. this video is kinda old, actually. dah pernah tgk.
    anyway, klu mat salleh ckp bahasa melayu kita teruja…
    tp kenapa kalau org kita ckp english org pandang slek?

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