OneRepublic – Say (All I Need) Cover

I thought I should relax and make a cover while beating the wit out my creativity. Datelines are drawing near, and I’m worried.

[Taken out, due to the shirt I’m wearing]

The video was shot once. Added echo (delay) to video. Mixed with beat boxer sound (off timing all the time). Slap up and down, it took 45 mins to complete (from scratch to uploading). That’s it for today. The lyrics. In mp3 Format

Tomorrows meeting: Felda, Imigresen and JPN. Damn.


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  1. lagu ni susah la. but u did well. 😉

  2. wah.gud echo over there.

    what software did you use?

  3. nasib tak hujan eddie… phew! 😀

  4. hujan pon ok. panas gile kl now!

  5. back then, this lad like to memekak in the dorm with matchbox 20’s sound…off key sometimes, but not bad.

  6. aku ingat ko main2 bab beatbox off timing tu.. sekali mmg habes lari.. ha ha

    *misteri la ko ni.. menyanyi tunjuk dada.. mcm Janet Jackson..*

  7. baiklah en eddie… bila ni nak kluar lunch lagi? lama gila tak jmpa…

  8. Kira ok la tu..One shot je kan? kalau ada banyak shot boleh edit2 cket kasi gempak..

  9. dia tak mahu show off mael. 😆

    kau pakai player apa ar utk video ni. siap ada NH.TV kat bawah tu. kool :up:

  10. Hahaha.. mmg lari abes.

    Pakai, bole customize player ko sendiri

  11. *misteri la ko ni.. menyanyi tunjuk dada.. mcm Janet Jackson..*

    em.. malas nak record 2 kali.

  12. NH.. u ni~
    i used to like the song tau 😛
    kidding.. bolela tu.. lagu ni susah giler

  13. is that you? Hahahaha..

    I don’t know why i’m laughing..

    Anyway, good job on the cover. And good luck on your datelines.

  14. hahaha. malas nak buat byk2 shot. Once is good enough.

    definitely not cut for reality tv shows.

  15. hahahaha! i love this song as well. but, no I never will put my voice out 😛 lacking in that department. 😳

  16. dah tertulis dah

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