One Year and Going, Celebrated @ Shogun Sunway Pyramid

22nd of February marked our first anniversary of being in a relationship. The first and the last, if I may add.

(I have no idea where Aisyah bought these, but they were awesome!)

We had dinner at Shogun Sunway Pyramid. It’s a Japanese buffet and cost roughly RM 52 per head on weekdays, weekends, RM 66 (I think). We initially wanted to go Mexican, since I had a huge appetite that day, buffet was the way to go.

Before we started digging in, we pulled out a number of dish we’re going to have. You know, cost efficiency issues and yada yada. So Five (5) was the number.

Plate 1: Start light. Chawan Mushi, fried prawns, unagi sushi, raw salmon and oysters.

Plate 2: Slight heavy. Tenpanyaki beef with veggies. Average taste, too much water.

Plate 3: Heaviest meal. Lamb Shank was seriously soft, slightly salty but bearable.

Plate 4: Kill craving. Raw salmon, chicken kebab and shark fin soup.

Plate 5: Salmon head. It’s among the best part about salmon, filled with fat. (Fish fat are good, because fish swims even when it’s sleeping)

Plate 6: Tiramisu cakes with a scoop of ice cream and honey dew to wrap things up.

Six (6) plates altogether and I did not add Aisyah’s plate. The total bill was RM 103, way below normal sushi restaurants which would’ve costs us RM 120 ++. I have to admit, the taste is slightly off and it’s not something you’ll crave for. It’s also not a monthly event, else be ready to put up a few kilos and thinner pocket. But if you’re celebrating, why not?

Final Verdict

Food choice: 3.5/5
Food taste: 3/5
Drinks choice: 4/5
Price: 4.5/5
Services: 4/5
Interior decorations: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5

When this was all done, we were still strapped to our seats, having a time to move! We were so full that we had to roll to exit Shogun. Serious! Of course that didn’t mean we can’t have a little fun afterwards.

The game was to make ‘smelly’ or ‘shocking’ faces when someone passed our back.

ps: Yes, we’re a spastic couple but at least we’re honest and fun. And don’t have to pretend like we’re somebody else. Pray for our happiness ok?

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15 thoughts on “One Year and Going, Celebrated @ Shogun Sunway Pyramid”

  1. ye aku doakan semoga bahagia sll.pls pray for kr and i too ;p

    ko ni mmg lelaki.cupcakes tulis2 tu merata dah org buat bisnes..segala mcam jenis corak ada.hahaha

  2. One fact yang I baru tahu today, … fish fat are good, because fish swims even when it’s sleeping.

    And the face expression part, super kelakar. Hehe..

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