One Friend Request

I was trying my bro’s Acer Netbook SSD (Solid state drive*) and decided to launch facebook. It took a while to log myself in, which is very disturbing, especially when Firefox hangs.

On the right sidebar, I saw 1 Friend Request.

Image has nothing to do with the post

“Sape laa pulak nak jadi kawan aku ni?” I bitched about it. Hey, I bet you get similar request from someone you don’t even know! To make things worst, we don’t even have any real mutual friend. So it was me being judgmental. Still, that doesn’t stop me from exploring her profile.

Born 1984, location Johor, age 25, birthday.. bla bla bla..

Really, I don’t know this girl. I’m not comfortable befriending someone I don’t know, even on social sites. I moved the cursor to Ignore, ready to click that boxy blue button. As I was about to decline her request, I saw a particular that flashes a BIG RED STOP sign in my mind, work: Hospital.. . I reread the whole page. Oh shit! She’s a doctor!

“Nasib baik ko doctor” I said out loud while clicking Confirm. My brother turned and smirked. I’m sure in his head, he thinks his brother is one step away from insanity.

So what’s your criteria to accept a friend on Facebook?

*Solid state drive has no mechanical parts as compared to a normal hard disk. Technically, if you dropped it or roughen up a bit, it won’t break easily. While it is rugged and sturdy, it doesn’t make up the fact that it’s slow (read & writing speed) and small data capacity (8Gb).

ps: Probably not going to MTV World Stage (I don’t have any tickets. If you have extras please give it to me! In return, I’ll write wonderful stuff about you!)

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