NuffNang PizzaHut Contest Result

So I lost, Aisyah too. My contest entry post and Aisyah’s. I guess our concept was bad or corny or maybe judges have no taste?

The winners are as per below

Congratulations. The winners won RM 2,000 each. A hell lot of money.

ps: I thought I could’ve won and use the money for wedding or something. Guess I have to try harder next time.

pps: eggyolks seems to be winning a lot, no surprise really, they are good!


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  1. it’s okay hun. Not our day. In the future, inshaAllah 🙂

  2. obviously no taste at all. tapi kan ada satu je lain. diorang cerita gila2 apa dalam pizza tu i.e ingredients. ko x cerita sangat. ada pun x terang. diorang capture the moment enjoying the pizza. anyway, aku suka ko punya lagi dari diorangs. next time cuba lagi. ;p

  3. Tu laaa.. aku kurang emphasis kt content pizza tu. Next time aku jolok 100 gambar dalam satu post biar die puas. hahaha

  4. takpe kalah.. hehe next time bleh try lagi.. hoho, tapi RM2000!! zzz.. memang lumayan nak mampus!

  5. But I still love yours. Its different actually.

  6. U got the creativity but u didn’t use it.. Too bad to say, yours and aisyah’s post terlalu simple..

    Anyway, it’s RM2k dude.. And it flew just like that..

  7. Terlalu simple? Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re wrong. But the whole concept took us hours to think about. Not a very straightforward thing. If you think it’s simple, it means we’ve already simplified for you.

    The shooting took place in various location, but I guess it’s too hard to notice. The editing alone takes hours.

    But seriously, I don’t like fillers (picture that does not represent anything).

    Anyway, we tried and failed. I guess it’s just not our luck. 🙁

  8. i guess memang kena banyak2 pujian ke atas pizza hut baru bleh menang ed… maybe diorang tak nak sangat cerita pasal perasaan kita bila makan pizza tu… yang penting promo apa benda pizza tu…

    anyway, of course i like your and aisyah’s better… catchy and it s the way an advertisement should be, fun and interesting and inviting… even on tv pun mana ada cakap banyak/tulis banyak tu…

  9. It was “share the experience”. I read it wrongly, hence deviated much further from the given scope. But it was fun. At least we learned a lot of new things. In terms of creativity, I think I beat them (mostly) but what they wanted was what ranked me poorly.

    The whole process was fun. Almost 1 day and half to get all these done 🙂

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