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Truthfully, I don’t really give a damn about NuffNang events because they usually involve clubs and alcohol. But lately they are being different, and they are starting to engage bloggers differently especially those who’s a little pious. The way I see this, in fear of potentially losing bloggers to future competitors, they are engaging this differently. Well done NN. Advertlet? Well, if they have no manners plus rude boss, would you even give a damn? I know I won’t.

So to start off, they hosted a Blogger Sports Carnival. Which is awesome! It promotes health and explores new activities.

I’m not the type that really likes to suck up to NN or any organization, but credit given to where it’s due. They did an excellent job at managing it. The turn out was really a friendly bunch, more like the usual people (since they’re casual amongst themselves).

They also have pool table, but pool for me is like meh. I like golf 🙂

Driving range mode. I am amazed at the golf simulator actually. It uses IR sensors to detect the flight of the ball. I even tried throwing the ball at the screen and it did calculate the distance. Was seriously flabbergast!

The briefing for the games. They have 4 games in total, pool, darts, longest drive and nearest to pin. Longest drive is hitting the ball as far as you could while nearest to pin is anyone closes to the hole.

I did my longest drive. For the closes to pin, I did initially trump the crowd but as the game progressed someone beat me to it. Guess I’m just not that lucky. I kinda felt disoriented, playing on the green is way different than hitting a screen.

This girl flirt with me! She even bought me dinner *Don’t tell my fiance ok? *

The flirty girl also gave it a try. Honestly, she looked like a makcik trying to mow her garden with a scythe but in heels.

My office floor also has a pool table, but I suck at it so bad it makes me puke!

The ranking for longest drive. I wasn’t kidding when I told people I could hit 270m.

The prize is an hour lesson with that guy I was trying to slap.

Rizman won the closest to the pin. I think we used to play rugby together. His prize is test drive any BMW from the dealer for the weekend! Matilah bayar minyak bro hahaha.

Just in case you want to know the price per hour. Not that expensive really.

On the way back we (me and ‘aheem’, the flirty girl) bumped into my MD and his wife. He asked, so this is your fiance? Hahaha I guess I had to nod in agreement. Yes the girl is my fiance who’s been flirting ever since I got the longest drive 😛

My MD is one cool guy, he’s insanely smart, tall like a pillar and takes interest to know people. It’s the reason why I don’t leave my company despite offered twice my salary.

Back to NuffNang sports event, next up. Let’s do wall climbing! It’s damn fun and a real test of manhood. They should categorize man/woman and weight. I think I fit in heavy weight, I have huge ass!

ps: Thanks B for accompanying me 🙂

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12 thoughts on “NuffNang Blogger Sports Carnival @ CityGolf”

  1. kayu golf ke kayu cota tu weh? gile.. .sorry aku tak pandai golf. so can ignore komen aku.. bhahaha.. saje nak menyepam sebab tengok kat G+ tadik!

  2. bro,
    betullah my hubby cakap he used to play rugby with u but dia x sure u main untuk team mane.. anyway nice meeting bro. Your swing pun not bad apa.. totally like a pro je tau.

  3. Ed dengan Edwin tu orang yang sama kah?

    2 fore 1 offer!
    Saya yang tak pandai atau memang ada kesalahan grammar?

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