Nufflets, Is There a Problem? Whats Wrong?

Nufflets has been really slow since yesterday. It’s so slow, that it affects NoktahHitam as well.

How show I put this? Being a late comer in the Blogvertising (blog + advertising), I would expect that it would be the next big hit after Advertlets, Nuffnang and GrabMyAds, however they have proved me otherwise.

Why lah? Are you running on shared hosting? Single server? Can’t cater the bandwidth? Memory leak? Got hacked?

People at Nufflets, if you want to be in the game (before another company jumps the wagon), please keep your reputation to serve fellow bloggers. I sincerely hope this is just a minor hiccup. I look forward to serve your ads.

PS: If you would like to serve Nufflets ads using, please get the plugin here.

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