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Yesterday, Nabil the co-founder of Nufflets/Gokita emailed me about the error in script. The biggest flaw in the script, it does not trigger Nufflets ID. In short, no matter how many people clicked on the advertisement, you will not earn anything.

This is purely my mistake and not Nabil’s. I’m sorry.

Anyway here is the latest Gokita WordPress Plugin v1.1. Guranteed to work. For instructions please refer here.


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  1. NoktahHitam,

    Thanks for your continued support in Gokita!

    Thanks for also contributing to the Gokita community. I’m sure your contribution is much appreciated.


  2. wah..siap ade plugin lagi nie 😀 menarik2..aritu aku dah letak iklan gokita..tapi default ads tunggu bnyk advertiser dulu la baru bleh pasang kan?’s last blog post..Buy HDTV’s from online retailer

  3. Syia, SANGAT BEST! Super duper lagi best dari blogger!

  4. Ehm, aku dah pakai Gokita aka nufflets nih. Oklah, saje nak support barang buatan malaysia. Apapun. Go the best Gokita!

    titan’s last blog post..Labanon Didapati Tidak Bersalah!

  5. terima kasih.. nanti aku try gokita pulak.. 😀

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