Not the Same Class

As a business owner, I cannot refrain myself from entertaining hot prospects. No matter how small their budget is, I’ll find ways to give my sincerest advice.

Yesterday was different. I received a call from a lead. He explained what he wanted in his web blah, blah, blah this that. I’m sure I could fill the blank field he left. The web is my playground, peanuts…

“I want it by Monday if possible”, in his snobbish bossy style.

So I explained in great detail of how I imagined it to be until it comes down to the cost, roughly 5-digits.

“What?” he yelled on the phone. “If I ask a non-bumi, I could fetch the price for RM500++ . Why are you charging so much? Are you trying to cheat me? So this is how a Malay do business, greedy and sneaky”, he bombarded.

He continued his gibberish lecture. I figured he’s an UMNO guy, cheapskate, talk-cock, ‘perasan classy’ and most importantly, RACIST. But that isn’t enough to vent my anger in this fasting month. So I listened tentatively to what he said, anticipating my turn to hit back.

“We’re not the same class. If you want Kancil, go to Perodua, but if you want Mercedes, come to me”, I gave him a thoughtful analogy and dropped the call. If he’s smart enough, he’ll relate.

There’s a golden rule in service industry; you can only get 2 of the following:

  • Cheap
  • Fast
  • Quality

If you could provide all, then I’d suggest you start religion or a political party. Else, play nice with your competitors and vendors.

Remembering the 9-11, hats off. Heartiest condolences. Al-fatihah.

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