Non-Muslim Won the Maulidur Rasul Award

Wee Soo Yen, a 16 year old Buddhist won a Maulidur Rasul Award. link.

So what’s her contribution to deserve such award? For starters, she understands Arabic language more than any average Muslim, which literally puts us (Muslim) to shame. She scored straight A’s in her recent PMR including Arabic language.

But as far as I’m awed of her outstanding multi-lingual ability, I failed to see why she was merited such prestigious award. Let me put it bluntly, what has she contributed to the nation? Could it be part of the 1Malaysia agenda? Maybe they needed someone to fill the gap? I don’t know.

I for once, do not blame her for receiving the award. It’s the people and jury behind it! Why are they so shallow? Are they conspiring something? Seriously why?

I wish her all the best and may Allah shower her signs to righteous path. Amin.

ps: I blame my soft bed for my back pain!

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