NoktahHitam Gets #Maxis10

The other month, I was bitching to AzmanIshak on how he got a cool HTC HD7 from Maxis to review and I don’t. I witnessed the unboxing and played around before we eventually part our ways.

This month, I got one to review as well! It’s a HTC Desire Z with qwerty keyboard.

NoktahHitam Gets #Maxis10

Thank you Maxis!

ps: Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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18 thoughts on “NoktahHitam Gets #Maxis10”

  1. tau tak pe… ni semua idea hang la ni pasal lagu LUCKY. tah lucky mane tah… last last lagu Britney gak yang melayakkan diri. gyahaha~

  2. bukan ke nko dengan lan yang nyanyi malam tu? haha…

    p/s: jangan le citer kat anak aku plak. nanti bila dia dah pandai bace… hang delete taw komen aku ni. haha.. kantoi sudeh~

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