NoktahHitam = Elementary Level?


kNizam and MohdIsmail blogged about it. So I checked mine.

Some blogger thinks, the higher the reading level the better, I beg to differ. I believe by having lower reading level, entries could be understood easily. I’m proud as hell mine is elementary level 😉

PS: Do you really think there’s an algorithm to calculate ones intelligence in mere seconds? go check out the site.

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11 thoughts on “NoktahHitam = Elementary Level?”

  1. Kalau lah menda alah ni can really do the judging..

    Its easy to tell..because yours are written in English..nothing foreign abt it for the tool..thats why elementary..mine rojak so dpt la level postgrad..and of course only genius can read my sweet’s just because he blogs in
    now it makes sense kan..

    comel, mana kamu?

  2. looks like you figured out my point. I wanted to state that, tp takut org terase la plak kan.. dh susah payah dapat tahap genius, I plak bambu..

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