No More Music on NoktahHitam


Sadly guys, there will be no more music (.mp3 files) on Glad to know is doing their job at protecting copyright materials 😯

I wanted to email them back regarding this matter. I don’t provide downloads to any of the music on NoktahHitam (except Marie Digbys‘). Most of them are playbacks. I don’t want to waste my RM 135 and I find talking to them about this is a complete waste of both our time. So what the heck right? Just have to abide to this TOS for a while 😑 server and connection isn’t that good to begin with. The speed compared to Gmail (or other international sites), is a blunder. Over at MesraHosting, things are great. I have TazQirah, mckk9600 and most of my clients there. As part of my ongoing support to new businesses, I tried DataKL. However, I believe this has come to an end between us. This will be NoktahHitams’ first and last year at (Will have to wait until Nov ’08 for new hosting) πŸ˜₯

Note: MesraHosting allows mp3 files, but not as download farms (as far as I know). EternalSolution, Emerge, DataKL, and Exabytes don’t allow copyright materials. Darn πŸ™„

ps: Wish I could play you a song, Tear Drops on My Guitar, unfortunately… ❗


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  1. Ahakss.. I never use DataKL, altho they promote a lot in forum.

    In past, I used eternalsolutions (fine, then turns fck the subsequent year of service), MesraHosting (good, but at times cant cater much on international visitors), and now im using exabytes for 3 years straight. πŸ˜€

    Since some of my batchmates and joomla people looking for joomla stuff are from overseas (particularly US and Europe), I do notice a faster connection compared to my previous webhosts. :up:

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  2. If for international sites, I use Site5.

    I just want to share music.. that’s all! Demmit 😑

  3. aik? syia bukan pakai blogspot ke?

  4. Are you sure Mesra Hosting is good?

    I’m not really that convinced though. Had some bad experience with them.

    Never deal with KL Host before but I think that they are not bad. I’d prefer Exa for their services.

  5. dorg kasi aku bubuh mp3 tak? aku nak multiple domain sekali bole?

  6. U can always host you file outside right? anyway, i’m with netkl for the 2nd year already. service and speed are so far great.

    btw, cant you request for a refund? most company allow that and then transfer your domain to a new hosting company.

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  7. uwahhh.. i am mp3 freak! i guess we have to find other options. there is alwiz ways to get mp3 for free. hehe~

  8. kau pun satu, masa nk bli mesti x baca term.pastu dh kna warning baru nk terhegeh-hegeh marah hosting…apeda.aku ingat sbb apa

  9. dalam terms cakap tak leh share (bg download) file yg berkait rapat dgn copyright materials. Die tak ckp streaming lagu salah. ko la APEDA. tak reti ape2, bising plak.

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