No Joke Man

There was once someone wise quoted this

Wedding preparation is no joke!

At first I was pretty skeptical myself until I get the preparation done or at least started. Gile gua cakap lu! Things that I needed to do or have already done.

  • Clear my room, this includes clearing up the closet for the bride, which also means throwing away things I want to keep, but don’t use it anymore, i.e. Junks
  • Paint my room, the room paint has already faded, eaten by time and some dirty paws. Takes two days, but done too.
  • Make a Baju Melayu for the ceremony. Choosing the fabric already takes half day. Done, needs ironing.
  • Go for fitting. This is tedious. Trying one and getting my size right. Done.
  • Find an altar. I haven’t done this yet. My God I’m dead.
  • Hantaran preparation. I’ve got all the things, but have yet to start.
  • Wedding invites. Cards, Facebook, Twitter etc. I already finished all the cards I ordered.
  • Go for facial? I don’t think I have time for this. LOL
  • Catering. Thank God mum manages this.
  • Goodie bags. My mum too. Thank you mama!
  • Prepare sign board for location, usually the day before the wedding.
  • and.. some other things that didn’t cross my mind now.

To make matters worst, my house is only on one power phase, the rest went kaput. That means there’s only electricity at certain sockets in the house. My parents left for umrah, so now it’s up to me and my brother to get this done. But where the hell can I find an electrician nearing Eid Fitr? Damn I’m screwed.

A little addition, got some part-time project that consumes a damn lot of my time.

This is tough, but I’ll live. Insya Allah.

ps: Wedding preparation is NO JOKE OK!


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  1. agreed! hehe 🙂

  2. fuh.. it’s really a no joke.. and you’re going to a new phase.. every moments got to be paid with your efforts.

    I pray for both of you. Amin 😀

  3. heh tau takpe

  4. cant wait to see you’re on pelamin by next week. by the way… aku dah ade kat kolumpo sudeh. free to ngeteh? call me ok!

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