Nik Nazmi for Seri Setia, PKR

nik nazmi

Nik Nazmi (26) was my senior at MCKK 👿

Who would’ve thought 9 years ago this guy would compete in the General Election. Still in his toddler years, he proved that he could be in the highlights of Malaysian politic. Very ambitious, but isn’t that what we want?

Let me be honest with you about NikNazmi. As a person, I don’t really know him.

Although a year older, I never spoke to him through out the 4 years we knew each other. He was in the debaters team alongside Mr I, Mr A and the rest of the team members. Me, I was a nobody and I always find it hard to talk to the debaters team. They were in their own world 🙄

Day in, day out in secondary school, I only think about what I want to play in the evening. The debaters would sit and discuss for hours about their strategy and I assure you, it was a never-ending-discussion. Regardless of their ‘trainings’, they did well in their exams. Proving the ‘healthy body = healthy mind’ equation wrong 😎

I secretly wanted to join the debaters team, but looking at my exam scores, I think I’ll pass 😳

He got his degree at King’s College, UK and was a scholar of PNB. He is a very bright chap.

I always admired scholar students, so brave to tie a contract at early age 😕

He was an a different type blogger (than what he is now). I secretly stalked his blog since 2003, which he later stopped (for a while), I had no idea why. His writing is, like I said, in his own world or shall I say, a utopia. It was always about the things I’ve never heard of and needs a little extension of mind ❓

Now, he’s fighting alongside DSAI. So intelligent, so young and so desperate to rectify the world. Will Malaysia give this boy a glimmer hope of foundation? Let’s just hope that God placed everything according to plan. Amen 👿

NikNazmi, hands down and hats off to you. Now go fulfill your destiny ❗

ps: I always considered politics the dark side, you’ll never know sh*t until you’re f*cked 😮
pss: This not a paid post or a suck-up post, it’s my honest view ➡

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