Nik Nazmi for Seri Setia, PKR

nik nazmi

Nik Nazmi (26) was my senior at MCKK ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

Who would’ve thought 9 years ago this guy would compete in the General Election. Still in his toddler years, he proved that he could be in the highlights of Malaysian politic. Very ambitious, but isn’t that what we want?

Let me be honest with you about NikNazmi. As a person, I don’t really know him.

Although a year older, I never spoke to him through out the 4 years we knew each other. He was in the debaters team alongside Mr I, Mr A and the rest of the team members. Me, I was a nobody and I always find it hard to talk to the debaters team. They were in their own world ๐Ÿ™„

Day in, day out in secondary school, I only think about what I want to play in the evening. The debaters would sit and discuss for hours about their strategy and I assure you, it was a never-ending-discussion. Regardless of their ‘trainings’, they did well in their exams. Proving the ‘healthy body = healthy mind’ equation wrong ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I secretly wanted to join the debaters team, but looking at my exam scores, I think I’ll pass ๐Ÿ˜ณ

He got his degree at King’s College, UK and was a scholar of PNB. He is a very bright chap.

I always admired scholar students, so brave to tie a contract at early age ๐Ÿ˜•

He was an a different type blogger (than what he is now). I secretly stalked his blog since 2003, which he later stopped (for a while), I had no idea why. His writing is, like I said, in his own world or shall I say, a utopia. It was always about the things I’ve never heard of and needs a little extension of mind โ“

Now, he’s fighting alongside DSAI. So intelligent, so young and so desperate to rectify the world. Will Malaysia give this boy a glimmer hope of foundation? Let’s just hope that God placed everything according to plan. Amen ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

NikNazmi, hands down and hats off to you. Now go fulfill your destiny โ—

ps: I always considered politics the dark side, you’ll never know sh*t until you’re f*cked ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
pss: This not a paid post or a suck-up post, it’s my honest view โžก


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  1. semoga negara akan tetap aman sejahtera selepas pilihanraya ini.. majulah sukan untuk negara..

    en_me’s last blog post..losing pda

  2. mr eddy.. i ned your help.. can u teach me to put the feedjit in my wordpress? i want like yours.. i tried to put it but fail to do so… :down: โ—

    maika’s last blog post..Pimples issue

  3. hmm muda lagi mamat ni ye..
    semoga negara berubah ditadbir dgn mukaยฒ dan ideaยฒ baru yang fresh.

    no.sher.ta’s last blog post..Sakit Belakang

  4. seri setia? kawasan gue itu..

    kenapakah havent heard of him before? huhu…

    nampak sangat tak mengikuti perkembangan politik..

    Naftalena’s last blog post..The sink of Sharlinie’s news.

  5. Yek ele, mamat nih pegi studi pun ngan bantuan PNB, dah grad lawan krajaan plak ๐Ÿ˜ก . Biting the hands that feeds, btul la mamat ni…

  6. i dont allows you to do that ๐Ÿ™„

  7. mcm tu kire la sekali sek ren dan sek men. asik nak please org je, payah la.

  8. Memang le kena ingat,kan kita dididik supaya menenang jasa orang ๐Ÿ˜€ , bukan tak bagi berpolitik, tapi kalau suma yg krjaan wat tak btul, mesti ada something wrong ngan, satu pihak yg duk menuduh nih. Saya tak brminat nak menyeblah memana pihk, tapi bukan ke lebih baik ‘join them than’ melalak kat bukit yang makin hari makin mengunung. Sekurang2 nyer kita boleh mengubah dari dalam, bukan ke lebih senang begitu?

  9. Justirizers,

    Nik Nazmi pergi ke London dengan duit rakyat Malaysia, bukan duit UMNO atau Barisan Nasional. Duit rakyat Malaysia bukan duit UMNO atau Barisan Nasional.

    Hafiz’s last blog post..[1559] Of Earthly Strip: Undilah untuk Malaysia

  10. do u even know what Nazmi is fighting for before making ur statement? haih, kut ye pon, baca la dulu ape statement politik Nazmi before bagi pandangan yg amat baseless mcm nih.. please la, every critiques should come with facts, not of what u think. just because orang tu scholar ke ape dia tak boleh bawak perubahan.

    Setahu saya baca blog dia, takde pon dia tulis gomen salah belaka?

    Oh, since u suka mengkritik, please prove me wrong (if I am). Thank you

    linie’s last blog post..Mon Ami Le Chef

  11. bertanding dalam pilihanraya adalah jalan yg betul. kite ada law, dan law kate, bertanding tak salah. mcm tu ko bole salahkan anwar gak, sbb die dulu UMNO, tu kire lawan tokei. TunM dulu smngt46, ko tak kire sape yg bg die blaja tinggi2?

    kalau masuk gov pon, bape lame baru nak naik pangkat? boss2 kt dalam tu bukan senang nak ubah fikiran.

    secara jujurlah, kalau ko seorg peniaga atau businessman corporate, ko pasti tahu serbe sedikit tentang tahi2 yg tidak dikemukakan. aku dah puas kene tipu dgn bangse sendiri walaupun usia aku setahun jagung โžก

  12. Ok la sori la kalu trsinggung, saya bkan pnykong krjaan atau memane pihk, lepas nih jgn spam lagi yek, masa saya post komen tadi, saya tak pilih pun notify me of follow up. Saya saja je singgah dan komen ikut pendapat peribadi jer saya tak mengundi pun tahun ni dan tahun sesebelum ni, tak minat ngan propaganda mana2 pihak pun. OK ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. oh? ade die jadi followup terus?

    No harm done bro. Just making sure that you’ve got your ground covered before making any judgement. Enjoy your stay! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  14. Justirizers, takde pon spam, just nak betulkan statement u tu. suma org boleh ckp, itu ini, tapi kalau takde bukti, tak guna.

    and kalau scholar pon, rasa takde kaitan pon kalau dia nak bawak perubahan. like eddie said, cover ur grounds first. don’t shoot blanks. if u do, u get shot back. it’s life.

    linie’s last blog post..My Vote is to Vote

  15. wahh.. this guy is one hell of a guy. fighting for his country. good job. keep up. im not into politics. i just gave my morale support thats all. hehe.

  16. โžก dude, camne nak daftar mengundi?aku tak daftar lagi..haha โ—

  17. mane bol register dah ๐Ÿ˜•
    tunggu lg 5 tahun la

  18. ada hati rupanye masuk team debate :up: . apsal x try team forum ke. aku dapat la masuk team forum “bidan terjun” koleq :mrgreen: . no 4 dr bape belas tah in state level. tau panggil ko je masuk.

  19. hm.. under JPA ke MARA ke PNB ke Nanyang Siang Pau ke, vote adalah hak masing.


  20. justirizers,
    Nik Nazmi menyokong PKR.
    Nik Nazmi lawan UMNO.
    Nik Nazmi tidak lawan kerajaan.
    Sila bezakan definasi “kerajaan” dan “parti politik”.
    Legislative, Executive, Judiciary.
    Setiap lima tahun ada pilihanraya.
    Pilihanraya untuk memilih parti yang menguasai legislative.
    Setiap parti berhak bergerak dan dipilih.
    Dah besar ni.. belajar belajar laa…

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