NFC: Not Near Field Communication but National Feedlot Corp

This might sound like a puny rambling, but I assure you, it’s valid.

Sharizat, a Menteri in the Malaysian Cabinet actually got her family appointed in a national project worth over RM 250 million. How bloody lunatic is that?

I don’t mean to sound envious, in fact far from it. Isn’t the government supposed to be looking at national welfare? Why are the Menteri’s helping themselves. I know for a fact that she needs to feed her family too, but with RM 250 million worth of investment? That’s rather selfish for just a family while it can feed hundreds more. I wonder how big is their appetite.

What’s the big deal? Well for starters, she said that we shouldn’t be throwing accusations at her family but why the hell were they appointed in the first place? Given the project to lower income, I have high hopes that it’ll bring in more money that what they are earning now.

What ever it is, this fucking bullshit. I’m surprise we can put up with this. Morons like this should be slaughtered in court for abuse of power.


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corruption.. kesian anak2 makan harta haram.. ish3..

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