New Year’s Resolution, Not Needed!

2008 chapter is closing very soon, it’s the perfect time to look back and reflect. Everyone is taking this opportunity to unfold the year, like Aeropama and Bongkersz did.


Me? I don’t need to do that, muhasabah is already my routine.

Anyway, I met my 2008 resolutions. It was rather too easy, except point #1, which is continually evolving. Not much challenge for a half ass expectation. I was a total screw up in the previous year, it explains the shallow resolution.

Those days, I wore a thick armor, shielding my ego. A smiley mask, hiding away untreated wounds. And a thick mantel, pretending to care about the world. I’m a fake. A fraud. A confused 24 year old brat.

Somehow, I’m glad I learned to put those behind and focus.

For 2009, I decided I no longer need a New Year’s Resolution. Instead a Life Resolution.

  • To stay away from debt and spend money I don’t have
  • To live a healthy and blessed life
  • To shoulder the burden of the poor and unfortunate ones
  • To NOT procrastinate and waste time
  • To pickup a new skill every year
  • To be a good listener and accept ideas
  • To NOT be verbal eventhough it’s the anal truth
  • To be closer to God and have a stronger faith

Time isn’t a luxury we have. Each passing second overrides the previous one. Before you knew it, a year went by. So don’t wait for another year to change yourself, do it now.

ps: Life Resolution, is not limited to the above. Continually evolving, fitting in accordingly.

pss: I spent 3 hours writing this. Gosh, I wish I could’ve been more efficient


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  1. 3 hours? woww..u must be thinking hard..

  2. Nicely written. Worth every hour spent. Wise words, as usual. I shall adopt your Life Resolution from now on. Good things, must be shared and followed, right buddy?

    Happy New Year, my friend.

  3. reading this.. make me think.. have i had a resolution before..?? Hurmmm…

  4. Good things, must be shared > if my wife is HOT, cannot share 😈 ➑

  5. You don’t need one, if you can work your way up easily. Only the weak and insecure soul would plant their hearts with resolution.

  6. πŸ˜€ Nice resolutions, keep doing well for year 2009 πŸ˜†

  7. jom berkongsi kaseh!

  8. i tak tulis lagi resolution next yr
    yg this yr pnya pon da lupa~
    but urs are nice lah!

  9. I believe we can make a deal out of it. ➑

    Sootsprite, wah wah!

  10. Fuiyoh.. terase beb.. πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯

  11. Confirm! I’m not as rich, handsome, good, tall, crazy, casanova, wicked as NH!

    See… Sootsprite pun sanggup kongsi kaseh. Deym! :vangry:

  12. Muhasabah myself based on your resolutions

    1. To stay away from debt and spend money I don’t have – Still have PTPTN :mrgreen:
    2. To live a healthy and blessed life – I’m a smoker :mrgreen:
    3. To shoulder the burden of the poor and unfortunate ones – it’s my social responsibility :up:
    4. To NOT procrastinate and waste time – too much online and melebam session :mrgreen:
    5. To pickup a new skill every year – it’s my passion :up:
    6. To be a good listener and accept ideas – am I? No :mrgreen:
    7. To NOT be verbal eventhough it’s the anal truth – ermm… I’ll pass ❗
    8. To be closer to God and have a stronger faith – Jaga sembahyang πŸ˜₯

  13. selamat tahun baru …

    resolution? just wanna b a better person sokmo2.

  14. aku rasa aku tak pernah ada azam utk tahun baru..aku tahu…aku mesti jadi org yg lebih baik setiap hari…tapi tahun ni mungkin aku target nak berenti rokok in 2009…boleh ? πŸ˜€

  15. byk emoticon muntah. kalo akoo ppuan, mmg akoo xcari mamat neh! wakakakka! πŸ˜†

  16. tak pernah ada azam.. πŸ˜›
    cuma mahu result exam yg sentiasa (almost) perfect huhu (bolehkah) πŸ˜•
    and like your 5th life resolution, nak belajar sesuatu yg baru….
    wpun semua tu tak masuk exam (exam again :mrgreen: )
    2009 ada exam besar maa… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    πŸ˜• mau muntah

  17. 3 jam untuk entri yang saya baca 3 minit? adeh. moga tercapai azam kamu ya πŸ˜€

  18. how strange when i also decides not to have a new year’s resolution but a lifetime resolution…

    it seems more realistic and reachable i suppose…

    anyway… love this resolution though: “To pickup a new skill every year”

    i have decided to get a DSLR and sharpen my photography skills…


  19. wow..spend sampai 3 jam. hoho..semoga tercapai azam tahun baru nie.. πŸ™‚

  20. syukur sebab kau dilahirkan sebagai jantan. tu pun tak tahu kalau kau ni asli atau tak

  21. piiirahhhh… berenti rokok kunun :mrgreen:

  22. hahah. bkn jantan la. pendekar melayu terakhir. yeah! :up:

  23. As I can think of.. I don’t really have fix resolution before as I am still a student.. Now, I really wanna work in the field that I really have passion..

    Happy New Year to you mr. NH..

  24. 3 minit untuk seorang bace. kalau 600 orang bace..

    3 x 600 = 1,800 minute @ 30 jam.

    3 jam untuk menulis, ape lah sangat, yg penting masuk dlm kepale korang

  25. Bro, aku tak tules pon azam tahun baru.

  26. you think light years ahead. Good for you!

  27. New skill every year πŸ™‚

    Belajar gitar, CSS, programming language, technique drift, etc. Janji belajar!

  28. dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year.
    tahun baru Hijrah & Masihi.
    semoge sume Life Resolution you tercapai.

  29. it means you recognize your weaknesses. much, much better than a snobbish SOB.

  30. takpe bro. aku support ko. aku pon nak berenti. in the long run tu penting

  31. tokey blog support aku..jgn jeles…PE pon tidak disangka2 akan support aku ..tenkiu2..aku rasa sungguh terharu di hujung 2008 ni ! πŸ˜₯

  32. aha…
    mesti perah otak nak publish entry nih
    sy yg paling lame pon dalam 2 jam lebih…
    tu pon sebab chat sane sini,
    bukak myspace
    bla bla bla…
    x fokus
    tapi kalo fokus
    bende mesti jadik kejap nye

  33. aku tak suke kerje separuh usahe. tu sbb 3 jam tu. tp kalau suruh buat wiring electronic, bole la cecepat.

  34. thanks smaelz!

    Good luck in your passion.

    Famous American quote: Follow your heart, the rest will fill in.

  35. ko remind yourself nanti quality sperm kureng.. tak lah ko merokok. hahahahahaa!

  36. selamat tahun baru NH, semoga berjaya dengan azam2 tu.
    *reminder untuk diri sendiri jugak sebenarnya. ❗

  37. Hi N.H..Happy New Year 2009..dah byk kali drop 1st time drop a Good luck with ur new resolution..

  38. Hohoho! Kalau anak nakal semacam, kurang bijak, blame the rokok! haha

  39. hehe. comel je jawapan πŸ˜‰

  40. Insya Allah tercapai azam. Asalkan azam itu baik, mesti Tuhan makbulkan

  41. drift..whoa…nanti da pandai bleh tunjuk kat i lah hehe
    mahu tengok.. kalu tak betul cara,i saman (mcm polis ➑ )

    i’m still working on css and ps…css agak lembab mahu catch semua tu..dah baca tutorial pon masih ssh nak paham :mrgreen:

    gitar..menarek :up: love it πŸ™‚

  42. happpy new year bro

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