New Theme 97% Complete, Bandwidth Deprive

Finally, within one week I managed to make a new theme for NH.

Before I start coding & designing, I initially set 5 aims.

  • Pull image tag (PHP) – Success!
  • Extract favicon when linking (CSS) – Success!
  • Watermarking (CSS) – Partially, I know the method.
  • Ajax commenting (PHP) – Failed. jQuery doesn’t play nicely.
  • Cascading sidebar (PHP) – Not needed.

I’ve also added a drawer feature on top, which I called, Peekaboo! In Peekaboo, there are 4 dynamic bars or shall I say widgetize bar (you can edit via admin).

Main page

The funny writings only appears on main page. If you are diligent enough, hit refresh, you’ll see 3 more designs. Using PHP, rotating images. I plan to add 10 of those.

On the sidebar, I’ve limit the sidebar to 3 fields.

  1. Featured article. It pulls the first <img> tag and overlays the title of the post.
  2. Recent Comments. It helps me to get around quickly.
  3. Recently Read. Automated from GoogleReader, which also features favicon.

In any web design, there are two major considerations; IE6 (backwards compatibility) and total size. There’s nothing you can do about IE6 other than force your users to upgrade. The latter is worrying.

Last month, I nearly blew my 50Gb allocated hosting bandwidth. I was only 3Gb shy to being suspended. For NH alone, I used up 20Gb! Assuming 1Mb per visit, that’s about 20,000 visitors! I have other domains (Negaraku & Laman7) riding on NH’s back. For that reason alone, I have to conserve bandwidth.

To overcome this, I use GooglePages. Any file that exceeds 30kb, will be uploaded there. Usually images and jQuery library. This way, you download content simultaneously from both Google and NH, saving you that extra miliseconds. In short, killing 2 birds with 1 stone 😉

I use grid system. They’ve also been kind enough to provide .psd template (photoshop), which makes life, a hell lot easier.

One last feature I’d like to show, is the 404 page.

404 Page

I like it 😉

Ok, I probably sound like fat kid drooling over cupcakes. No more technical stuff.

ps: My light-headedness isn’t getting any better, so is my fever. I’ll go to HKL and check for H1N1 tomorrow. Seriously people, H1N1 is not a laughing matter. So don’t go around saying, “tah tah H1N1 kot?

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