New Theme 97% Complete, Bandwidth Deprive

Finally, within one week I managed to make a new theme for NH.

Before I start coding & designing, I initially set 5 aims.

  • Pull image tag (PHP) – Success!
  • Extract favicon when linking (CSS) – Success!
  • Watermarking (CSS) – Partially, I know the method.
  • Ajax commenting (PHP) – Failed. jQuery doesn’t play nicely.
  • Cascading sidebar (PHP) – Not needed.

I’ve also added a drawer feature on top, which I called, Peekaboo! In Peekaboo, there are 4 dynamic bars or shall I say widgetize bar (you can edit via admin).

Main page

The funny writings only appears on main page. If you are diligent enough, hit refresh, you’ll see 3 more designs. Using PHP, rotating images. I plan to add 10 of those.

On the sidebar, I’ve limit the sidebar to 3 fields.

  1. Featured article. It pulls the first <img> tag and overlays the title of the post.
  2. Recent Comments. It helps me to get around quickly.
  3. Recently Read. Automated from GoogleReader, which also features favicon.

In any web design, there are two major considerations; IE6 (backwards compatibility) and total size. There’s nothing you can do about IE6 other than force your users to upgrade. The latter is worrying.

Last month, I nearly blew my 50Gb allocated hosting bandwidth. I was only 3Gb shy to being suspended. For NH alone, I used up 20Gb! Assuming 1Mb per visit, that’s about 20,000 visitors! I have other domains (Negaraku & Laman7) riding on NH’s back. For that reason alone, I have to conserve bandwidth.

To overcome this, I use GooglePages. Any file that exceeds 30kb, will be uploaded there. Usually images and jQuery library. This way, you download content simultaneously from both Google and NH, saving you that extra miliseconds. In short, killing 2 birds with 1 stone πŸ˜‰

I use grid system. They’ve also been kind enough to provide .psd template (photoshop), which makes life, a hell lot easier.

One last feature I’d like to show, is the 404 page.

404 Page

I like it πŸ˜‰

Ok, I probably sound like fat kid drooling over cupcakes. No more technical stuff.

ps: My light-headedness isn’t getting any better, so is my fever. I’ll go to HKL and check for H1N1 tomorrow. Seriously people, H1N1 is not a laughing matter. So don’t go around saying, “tah tah H1N1 kot?


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  1. waaah~
    cepat sembuh!!

  2. Hopefully cepat laa sembuh. Ade iras-iras blog ko tak? Hahahah.

  3. Betul tu, kalau ada symptom2nya…pergilah check…lega hati nnt

    moga Allah menyembuhkan…

  4. wow. cool design.
    I love the scrolling twitter updates. hehe.
    anyway, get well soon dude.

  5. Tp aman, aku rase pointless buat twitter pusau2 macam tu. Takpe la, janji “cool”, usability, haprak πŸ˜›

  6. ooo. komen dari admin tak kelihatan kat recent comments ea. hehe. bagus2.

  7. ko guna font ape kat negaraku yg down tue? nak. hehe.

  8. Dari dulu lagi macam tu bro. Tp kalau ko tanye camne aku buat, aku pon dah lupe πŸ˜›

  9. EvilGeniusBB. Font ala-ala comic Marvel

  10. bro. tumpang tanya.mcmana ko buat utk compatible theme ko dgn IE7 atau IE8?

    kalau leh bagi tips atau teknik yg boleh aku gunakan. aku sangat2lah berterima kasih. sbb aku pn sedang belajar pelan2 buat theme utk wordpress nih.

    walaupun xdelah lawa mcm theme2 yg ko buat, kira ok la jugak bagi aku sendiri guna.


  11. H1N1 is just a flu…you’ll get well in a week..
    yes, people die from H1N1, but those with other chronic conditions..those people die from flu every year..
    you’re young & healthy, don’t worry!

  12. Of course I’m worried. There are many deeds in life I have yet to fulfill.

  13. Nak cerita dari A sampai Z, susah gak bro. Pendek kate gune Firebug. IE7 atau IE8 dah lebih kurang Firefox. Safari dan Chrome same engine, jadi tak yah risau. Lagi satu, ko bole bace,

  14. dah 6 yang meninggal sebab h1n1 neh
    dah merebak teruk la
    better pergi check kalau demam

  15. nice colour . =)

    ish , semua dah start buat ni . nak jugak la. =)

  16. nice new theme~

    ps: get well soon~

  17. Stim lak aku main tekan-tekan F5. Kool dowh quotes ko.

    ps: Watermaking – Font kasi kecik sket dude. Sampai ilang background image dikerjakan oleh watermark ko.

    pss: Ko nak release tak theme ko ni? Bagi kat aku satu. Whoahahaha

  18. i like the tagline..even heroes have the rights to weep πŸ™‚

    do check ur flu condition..hope u’ll be fine

  19. Nice new design. Black, elegant and kick-ass!

  20. hmm. not really. i don’t think so.
    if we developed a robot, it does not mean that others don’t. right?

    this theme still has you DNA in it. πŸ˜€

  21. my sis kata, jangan terlalu taksub dengan kes H1N1 ni. ramai gile kat hospital! siap marah2 Dr lagi. Padahal diorang ikut procedure je.

    kesian my Sis and Bro-in-law. Sehari about 200+ yang report nk check up H1N1.

  22. hehe. jom join Theme Development Wave!

  23. Dah kalau Ismail Merican sendiri yg suruh pegi check, nak buat camne?

    Anyway bro, dapat a few dah mati because of H1N1. That’s why kene berjagaΒ². Ade dalam paper tu, die igt anak die demam biase je, last-last mati. Tak ke sedih? Baru 21 tahun budak tu.

  24. Memang aku nak belasah image tu pon! Hahaha. Watermarking tu aku test untuk photoblog. Kire lepas ni, tak yah la nak edit satu2 dlm photoshop. Upload je, terus ade watermark. Cool doh CSS ni!

    Release theme? Tunggu aku start company theme aku dulu πŸ˜‰

  25. Hehehe. Everytime I look at that tagline, I’d grin to myself. Unexpectedly excited all by myself πŸ˜›

  26. The black, red and silver. Vampire-ish, yup my DNA πŸ˜€

    I should have given you 70% of the credit. I referred to your CSS a few times πŸ˜‰

  27. Ko adjust la size watermark ko kasi kecik sket. Baru nampak senonoh sket. Ikut cam aku nye current theme.

    CSS dia mmg kool dude. Siap xleh nak save image. Mantapap

  28. cun! memang cun theme baru ko nie. tahniah!

    aku pun punyai harapan yang sama untuk punyai theme yang seringkas dan sekemas ini.

    aku ada satu persoalan mengenai penggunaan sistem CSS grid. bagaimana utk serapkan sistem tersebut!? aku tak faham atau aku pening pun aku tak pasti hu3.

    ps – cecepat pegi check up bro! semoga cepat sembuh dan dilindungi dari gejala H1N1!

  29. kau biasa pakai firebug? Bukak page pastu ko try dgn firebug. Tgk camne die buat. Memule mmg blur. Aku pon blur jugak. Tapi lame-lame dah grasp concept, senang je.

  30. WHOA !!
    this theme and all the tweak is SICK !

    i guess i will be spending more time here admiring your work.


  31. aku biasa ternampak firebug tapi tak pernah guna. macam mana aku nak daaptkannya!? add ons firefox ker!?

  32. heheh.. siyes mmg cun theme ko.. πŸ™‚ Penuh ngan grapig tapi takde la berat pun. hohoh.. keep up the gudwok.. gudlak πŸ™‚

  33. boleh tahn ye theme ni….

  34. Am I the only one who wants the old theme back?? Is your theme 100% complete now? Because I feel like it’s not even 97% complete.

    Just my one cent. It doesn’t worth anything at the grocery store nowadays…

  35. Nope. My bestie likes the old theme better. I thought you said the same thing when I changed to my previous theme? Anyway, I don’t feel much like home with the new theme.

  36. I don’t think it was me because I don’t know of any other theme you HAD besides the previous one.

    * Eh, what happened to all the smileys??

  37. The smileys are still there, just not always visible. It clashes with other some part of the new theme. Sadly kan? Some things memang kene sacrifice.

  38. perghhh semat la bro ini theme… jeles lak aku…

  39. cool theme. Mesti penuh semua hospital di Malaysia ni sebab H1N1. Hopefully you are getting better now.

  40. cool design… x open for public ke?

  41. whoa.. this new theme it’s totally kicking asses.. =)
    any chance of a version of this new theme available for download, like the old theme / plant-a-tree?

  42. lawa..release la bro, takpa, nanti aku tolong bloggerized..hehe (sbb nak guna..aci tak?)

  43. sirus, smart gila theme ni. nak tempah satu blh? wat ala2 camni gak. hehe

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