New Hair Cut, Pengkid Style


from behind, you look like shevchenko – Muhammad

Months before, my hair was very long. It took me 7 months to grow such length. I had to cut because it took me an extra hour everyday (blow dry, shampoo & conditioner). Muhammad told me, I looked like Drogba with that hair.

Anyway, I went for another hair cut yesterday as it was getting wavier. I specifically asked for “gay boys’ cut”. When the stylist was done, I told him, it doesn’t look right. “Go back and wash your hair first, later sure look good one”, he told me. In the shower, I played with my hair, shaping it like ultraman, bart simpson and captain planet. Oohh, happy, my head feels lighter. Out of the shower, Muhammad was in the room and said,

from drogba to shevchenko and now, pengkid.

I wrestled my younger brother, giving him the ultimate choke slam (Kanes‘ move) before I put some ooze on my head. Damn, my haircut looks like a boyish girl. Grrr.


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  1. hehe.. teringat masalah syia tiap kali nk gunting rambut..selalu akan cakap nak pendek tp nk jugak ada style sebab syia free hair.. selalu tukang gunting tu memandai.. org cakap cam ni..dia buat cam gitu.. same la dia kata lepas basuh nanti ok.. tp je KO!

  2. aku pn nk potong rmbut.ey,kalau berani letak la gmbr kau dgn rmbut pengkid tu.hahahaha

  3. malangnye sehari je mcm, 2nd day dh ok skit.

  4. :down: aku selalunyer ade la jugak masalah nk gunting rmbut sbb klu pegi kedai gunting rambut pempuan tukang gunting tu tak pandai nak potng style rmbut yang aku mintak.. so, terpkse la pegi kedai lelaki jugak… nasib baik x de yang perasan yang aku nie perempuan.. 😆

  5. emm..encem gak style rmbut mcm ni.

  6. 😛 hai..saye nk gak rmbt rmbt saye kernting..camne ek..xla krnting kalo pnjg ckt nmpk xsmart ar..aduyai..cdihnye..

  7. teringin nak pakai wig afro and dreadlock…huhu.. 😆

  8. 😐 :mrgreen: :vangry:

  9. botak je rmbut 2..p2 ley tmbuh rmbut bru..ala,kejap je..

  10. :halo:
    aku suke pengkid nye style!
    smart doe!

  11. 😆 it’s better nampak cam pengkid dari nampak laki yang mati bini.. serabai! 😛

  12. eddie, i didnt realise your blog dah jadi mcm Aunt Agony skrg ni lol 🙂

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