Buka Puasa (Part II)


Two days ago a blunder happened at our Iftar Gathering. We didn’t get the table nor the chicken. Today, it’s payback time.

“Ayam ni potong macam mane?” – NH

“Nampak macam potong 4 bahagian je” – Bat

“A’ah potong 4.” – Life4Hire

“Aku makan 4 ketul.. kire seekor la kan?” -NH

“Ko memang gile” – Semua hadirin.

4 is close to being correct, but actually I ate 5 pieces! Back in MCKK days, I usually buy 1 whole chicken for myself alone during weekend outings. Stuffed everything just before rugby training (in the evening). I could feel the chicken bouncing up and down as I conquer the field. Funny, I don’t feel like puking (maybe because I enjoy running in the great blue sky of Kuala Kangsar).

Beyond this is camwhoring. Load the page, go to other sites and come back.

The Crowds!
We came a little too early and decided to loiter at Kerinchi’s Bazaar Ramadhan. This used to be a stretch of food stalls.

Mana Depa Ni?
MK – Mana depa ni? Awat tak mai-mai lagi.
NH – Sedang skodeng MK.

Adik Sesat?
Azman – Adik ikut jalan ni, sampai depan buat U-turn, pastu U-turn sekali lagi. Ulang-ulang sampai penat.

Buka Puasa
2nd Time – Break fast by the roadside, while waiting for Bat

Ayam Golek
As yummy as it looks. 1 whole chicken, isn’t that enough to justify?

Still Eating
Still going strong. One more to go.

Bat & MK - Geeks Stuff
Bat – Looking sharp. As sharp as his design. I tout him as Dewa CSS UI
MK – Looking tired. Can’t blame him, he did so many U-turns beforehand.

Bat – Apa yang kelakaq sangat tu NH?

KillVearn - What is Wrong?
Luth, DesaFM (left) came all the way from Penang. Thank you mate! KillVearn, troubleshooting Azman‘s Lappy.

Geeks will be Geeks. Enough said!

Life4Hire yawning, when listening to non-geeky topics. One of my best friend from MCKK days. Same dorm, same class and I was the Class Monitor. Can you imagine me being in POWER? Madness!

Aeropama – Sengeh tersipu-sipu apabila kakak air tanya nak order ape?

1, 2, Snap!

Everyone who came. From left, Rihays (Syahir), Bat, Aeropama (Syam),KillVearn (Syah), Kakeru, Kruel74 (Khairul), MK, Azhani (Khairul’s wife), Sae, Luth (DesaFM DJ), Life4Hire (Yam), AzmanIshak (Azman) and Aus (DesaFM DJ). Me not in picture.. (duh!!)

Azman Pressing His LuckKillVearn - Apa Tengok²?Girl Talks.. or Cats?Rihays - Not as Quiet as I ThoughtKillVearn - What is Wrong?She Saw MeHello CutieUnder Age CigarretteJangan Main ApiIndo SingerTraffic at KerinchiApe Nak Beli?Modelling for 5800xmApo Tangkap-Tangkap?
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My special thanks goes to everyone who came. Especially Luth who came all the way from Penang. Thank you for making this a wonderful get together. Now, don’t miss your terawih!

ps: Finally, the loo, unleashing the chicken in me 😀

pss: Seriously, editing photos from RAW sucks! Thanks to my younger bro for lending me his A700.

psss: Really wish Bong and Lochoe was there. Maybe next time.

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