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Finally, my work here is complete. You can checkout Negaraku! here.

Not only you can read newspaper online, but also political blogs, Members of Parliaments, Aduns and other blogs. All under one roof. I’ve also added lightview to ease the elders 👿

Negaraku! Front Page with Malaysian NewsNegaraku! List of Barisan Nasional BlogsNegaraku! Pakatan Rakyat BloggersNegaraku! Malaysian BlogosphereNegaraku! List of Malaysian Political Bloggers

I know politic isn’t something we crave for these days, but I enjoy reading them while sipping my evening tea. It’s much better than entertainment pullouts.

I have yet to

  1. Make form for automated blog add.
  2. Make contact form.
  3. Refine the codes to make it load faster (than ever)
  4. Advertisement scheme? (should there be?)
  5. Add site meter or statistics.

Contact me if you think your blog deserves the attention on the Malaysian Blogosphere page, write about it on your blog! (don’t be so tight)

ps: Now, back to my normal routine, work!

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