Negaraku! Taking A Breathe

I cannot deny that Negaraku! has been taking lots of my professional time. Whilst I am supposed to be doing my work, I am instead busy tweaking it.

Most alarming problem about Negaraku! is the spammers.

Every day, Negaraku! gets about 20-50 spammy post. Which is worrying. I have tried plenty of features, reCaptcha, Captcha, email notification, Submit level and many others. Non seems to be doing the trick. I’ve been pulling my hair ever since. If I grew a bald patch, I’d probably blame Negaraku!

I am already at my second last resort, using Bad-Behavior, which is supposed to kill bots. The last would be Google FriendConnect, which requires tonnes & tonnes of coding. Once I’m done with spammers, I’d need to draft the new theme for it (another huge chunk of my time).

Now I’m starting to think. With me spending much of my precious time, what do I get in return? Strong community? Bankability? Sponsors? Non! (although I do have NuffNang on it, I’m not getting any clicks.) But I don’t really mind all those materially inclined portions. I just want a cool site to be sidelined next to my name.

Oh well, just another geek rambling.

ps: Another round of Iftar for Malaysian Bloggers? (Negaraku gangs?) I’m gamed! Wanna join geeks doing geek talks? Here’s the place 😀

pss: Also edited some language part. Let’s hope I got the translation correct 🙂

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