Nasi Putih, Kicap dan Telur Goreng

sorry no relevant picture nor did I capture any πŸ˜›

Mom is away on a business trip while dad is performing his umrah. I’m now ‘the man’ in the house.

I came home a bit late today. So late that my youngest brother had to cook the rice beforehand.

NoktahHitam : How did the rice go? ❓
Youngest Bro : Easy πŸ˜€
NoktahHitam : What kind of dish we’ll be having? ❓
Youngest Bro : Non πŸ™„
NoktahHitam : Ok, I’ll cook πŸ‘Ώ

It was close to 8:30 pm. I’m hungry. I’m grumpy. I want to eat. I need to fix something fast.

*Tada* White rice, soy sauce and fried egg.

ps: If only he could skip school and play with me all day, it’ll be SUPER!

pss: It’s been ages since I had today’s menu, God it was AWESOME 😯

NH’s quote: Intelligent people simplifies complexity, fools complicate the simple.

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