Nak Mintak Potong

I was lining up waiting for my turn to withdraw some Moolah at the ATM. A guy came rushing in, grinning and sweaty. He looks like he’s in a hurry. As if he had a wind-up timed bomb wrapped under his shirt.

Hehehe. Abang, bole potong line tak? Saya parking haram, ade Pol..

Before he could finish his line, I interrupted.

Ade Polis ke tak de, beratur la.”

My line completely wiped the grin off his face. He then queued to the ATM next to me. And from his body language, I could tell, he was ashamed asking for sympathy for something he could avoid by parking his car a little further. If it was an emergency, I wouldn’t mind but it’s not. So line up and learn the rule. Idiot.

ps: It’s just too bad AR had to witness the whole scene. But it’s a matter of principal, kalau orang lain bole patuh undang-undang, kenape awak tak boleh?

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