My Nyayi, My Dear Grand Ma

I am a proud Javanese descendant. My dad was originally a Singaporean, so is my late grand dad and grand ma. “Nya – yee” it’s grand-ma in Javanese (or so I believe), something like nenek, tok or wan.

The story is, she’s staying at my house for the week and it puzzles her, what do I do for living? I’m always upstairs, never wore work attire and wake up late in the afternoon.

To her, modern work can only be in two forms, work for government or in construction business. She could never see beyond that. To make matters worst, she’s illiterate. So it’s always hard convincing a skeptical old woman.

I’ve wrote before how I fooled my tok wan on blogspot, I call that vengeance. This one is totally different.

Nyayi: What do you do for living?
NoktahHitam: I build web.
Nyayi: What is that?
NoktahHitam: It’s something you use on a computer.
Nyayi: What is a computer?
NoktahHitam: It’s like a tv, but you get to do many things with it.
Nyayi: So what do you do for living?

At this point, I’m not sure of how to explain to her anymore. It’s way beyond her comprehension and seriously, no pun intended.

NoktahHitam: I make pictures & I write letters and people pay me.
Nyayi: So the government pays you?
NoktahHitam: Nope. My client, shop owners…
Nyayi: Ohh.. your job must be easy then.
NoktahHitam: I guess so.
Nyayi: Why are you at home?
NoktahHitam: So you won’t be alone in the house.

Nyayi, you’re the sweetest lady in the house, hats off. I love you and missing you already (and that special someone).

ps: Please refrain yourself from mocking my grand ma. I’ll haunt you to death   ➡

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