My First Baby Competition, Sort Of..

My First Baby Competition, Sort Of..

I was told by my cousin to enter the competition, depicting my cutest niece, Adriana Batrisyia. She thinks, Adriana Batrisyia has a fair chance to win, especially this picture. Being the ‘ohh-whatever-kinda-guy’ I duly submit to her request.

There are literally thousands of cute baby posted on the competition’s wall. I am not even sure that I’d go far with this, “cube try dulu” (redundant use of word, hahaha!).

Now, here’s the irony, I need your help to vote for the photo ONLY IF (one of the following)

  1. You think she’s cute;
  2. The composition of the photo is nice;
  3. The photography technique is acceptable;
  4. Lastly, did I capture the moment or not

You can go by going to facebook link and click like.

ps: I have a friend name Adrina, she’s quite the head turner 🙂


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  1. hehe, kiut gak.. sebab bleh capture time mulut dia camtue.. hohohoho

  2. hahaha. die tgh kedekut time tu. biase la 🙂

  3. cute glerr…hehe..expression si cute ni yg wat rasa nk picit2 je..

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