My Cousin’s Wedding [Part 1]

This story is rather long, so I’ve decided to break it into smaller parts for easy digestion.

It was that time of year again, where families from all over Malaysian find themselves back in their home town to attend a wedding. Of course I had no other choice.

We arrived safely the day before the wedding, just in time to help out. Our duties wasn’t specific but involves heavy lifting and hard labor since we’re not gifted to fold flowers etc. By ‘our’, I mean the ‘boys’, unmarried aged 20 and above.

We didn’t have much to do at first, since tents were already up. We loiter around the lobby, playing with PA system. (I’ve always loved to imitate Pilot’s greeting and latest, Joker’s laugh). We had all sorts of fun, joking around.

Our laughs didn’t last long, we were ordered to take out garbage, deliver meat, do some wiring, hang curtains etc. It was no brainer tasks.

When night falls, we were forced to shower at one of auntie’s to-let house since we weren’t allocated any room.

It was dark, we had problem finding right the key. Eventually, we climbed the gate. A, who weighs 130kg climbed too and broke a papaya tree in the process. What’s funny is, he only used one hand. I can’t imagine being in a fight with him. He could just sit on me and I’ll tap myself out.

Somewhere around 9 pm, the groom recites his vow. It took him 5 times. If it wasn’t for some pakcik, who was overly concern about technicalities, pitching tone, grammar and what ever shit, he could’ve done it once.

*Saje je nak nyusahkan orang.*


I hope when it’s my turn, no silly pakcik would say “tak sah“. Else expect a flipped car, socks in mouth and choking sensation when sleeping.

ps: Next up, the Three Stooges.

pss: To the couple, good luck!

psss: Would somebody care to shoot this bugger?

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