Multitasking is Bad For You

Over the past few years, I’ve told many of my friends not to multi-task. I just don’t think it’s nice to split your focus. It’s especially insulting when they go, “A-huh” to everything you say on the phone while they were busy doing something else.

Most are proud of their glorified God given talent, but that won’t stand for long.

Compared with those who rarely used more than one type of media at a time, heavy multitaskers had slower response times, most often because they were more easily distracted by irrelevant information, and because they retained that useless information in their short-term memory. CNN

Multi-tasker tends to retain short-term memory and affects their ability to focus … they aren’t sure if it’s reversible.

I hate to break to you, but I told you so.

ps: Still angry at someone. If you want to learn something, open your heart and listen. Kalau bodoh sombong, sampai bile takkan masuk ilmu.

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