Money Can’t Buy Me Time

Today is Sunday, and normally we’d make our weekend round back to Keramat to hang out at my parent’s house. Unfortunately, I have to stay here in Shah Alam with my wife to help her complete her building model. I’m not really much of a help.

I could make my trip to 45 minutes trip to Keramat, but I’ll probably have mama in my face telling me to go back and bring my wife with me. If I did that, I’ll probably be a cold husband who leaves his wife alone, my in laws went to Sabah for 2 weeks vacation. So right now, I’m kinda trapped in this house.

From the looks of it, I think we won’t be able to make it back Keramat. I guess we’ll be spending the long weekend here in Shah Alam. She promised she’d complete it by tomorrow, although she has been changing the deadline from yesterday to today then tomorrow, so I doubt she’ll hold on to it.

So I guess I have to surpress my disappointment and maybe find something constructive to do rather than dwelling the thought of my old room, playing with my nephews and niece or spending quality time with my blood. Maybe I’m just sappy and hate when people dictates my timing.

Oh well, that’s marriage 101 for you.


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Agree .. Sometimes we need to sacrifice our own personal time / plan for the other half ..

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