Merdeka Wallpaper (Meaningful One)

We no longer have a religious war. No more colonial war. No communism. Nil. Nothing. Kosong. Our generation knows no war. The only war we have is amongst ourselves, racial divide, politic, moral and religious rights.

Najib has been asked so many times on what 1Malaysia means? His reply was either too lame or lack of enthusiasm. Leaders like him kills the guerrilla marketing.


So here’s my meaning of Merdeka, a wallpaper with:

  1. Rukun Negara
  2. All the states in Malaysia
  3. All race, religion, language*
  4. All Prime Ministers
  5. All Colors in Jalur Gemilang
  6. All involved in the meeting in London for Independence.
  7. All that symbolizes Malaysia*

And that for me, is what Malaysian Independence Day is all about, (remembering your root). So what does Merdeka means to you?

Wallpaper sizes:

ps: In 50 years time, no one will remember the old days. We should video cast old folks about Merdeka before they fade into history.

pss: *All race, religion and Malaysian symbols that I can think of. The coloring took me 30 mins to complete but the Font placement took me 2 hours & 30 mins. Total time spent, 3 hours for wallpaper!

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