Mercedes vs BMW II

I was chilling alone at Coffee shop near my house and saw my juniors across the hall. So I invited them over.


We talk about many things. The old days, politics, Khir Toyo’s mansion and it all boils down to what boys like most, cars. “Hypothetically Ed, if you had a huge sum of cash, what would you buy? Mercedes or BMW, and what model?”, one of the juniors asked.

No doubt both cars lived up to their names, but I decided to grill them instead.

“I won’t buy neither”


“Because it will be selfish to spend a quarter million just for yourself (or your family). I also think, driving around a prestige car would make me feel better than anyone else (riak), when actually we’re the same. We’re all humble servants of God. This is also a test of faith, how well you manage your wealth!”

Squirming their faces, they stared in disbelief. They never saw this coming.

“Think about it, the poor, orphans, old folks, natives people, how well are they living? Besides, wouldn’t it be better if you give half of that money to charity and the other as an investment for your kids?”, adding salt to their wound.

The air was tensed. They didn’t know what to say. They looked at each other, sipping their drink slowly, taking their time to digest and of course, thinking of a clever come back line. I’m sure they regretted sharing an evening tea with me.

“Ok. Between these two Germans, I’d get an Audi R8”, just to ease the air. “Hahaha, that’s not fair Ed!” (it’s RM2 mil worth).

RM 2 million worth

Well, you know me, the weird guy with his weird taste. (We had an Audi A6 once, I was able to push it to 264kmh, hence the inclination towards Audi).

“But seriously, if you do have that kind of money, which I’m sure you will, remember what I told you”, making sure my words were burnt into their heads. The topic later progressed around F1, Braun GP, FIA etc.

It feels good imposing my thoughts to youngsters.

ps: Seriously, when you drive an expensive car, do you feel better than anyone else? Because if you do, God hates you.

pss: Remember the basic credo, sharing is caring.

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