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I will be spending my weekends of 2008 mostly on the field above. That’s the prep school field at MCKK. The field will be my training ground to breed a new rugby legacy. This project is called, the All-Blacks X. MCVCX.

  • All Blacks is our rugby team name. We wear all blacks on the field and not because of the NZ team.
  • X in roman numerical means 10. It would’ve been MMX, but that sounds like a Pentium2 line.
  • MC = the Malay College, VC = Vajiravudh College.

After 2 solid years, talking and pooling for ideas, my partner (mache) and I have decided to set our foot firm on this project. Our aim is simple, to win against Vajiravudh in 2010 (on their home ground, in Bangkok Thailand) and other along-side victories will be considered as bonuses.

MCKK-Vajiravudh is an annual rugby meeting. Its’ history goes way back to 1940’s* (I’m just guessing). So far, we’ve only won twice, both on our ground, Kuala Kangsar. This is quite an impossible task considering the difference in food intake, training received and most importantly, the age (honestly it’s U-17 vs U-18).

To win this, we have to plan 3 years ahead, from 2008 to 2010. There will be problems throughout these 3 years. The identified ones include financial, man power, professional consult, rugby gears and supplements. Along the course of the project, I will be taking note of their weight, height and 50m dash. I will compute and apply the law of physics to improve their performance. As for the tactical aspect, I will provide flash presentations for better understanding. Also not to forget, to monitor their progress as a student (which governs discipline, education and other activities). All in all, this project will utilize multimedia technologies, scientifically-proven training method & food intake.

In a few weeks time, I will be setting up the website and will start pooling for more ideas from others (as well as seeking financial help). There will also be merchandise to support the project.

The idea came to us, as we were talking about our rugby match against Vajiravudh in the year 2000 in Bangkok. We lost 17-19. Though very marginal, a lost is a lost. If only the match lasted another 5 minutes, if only it was on our ground, if only we trained harder… if and if, would only go as far as if.

Note: We are not in for the money, in fact there’s hardly any cash for the project. Everything will be coming out from our own pocket. We are doing this, because of the speret koleq instilled upon us, nothing more. I can be contacted at 012 213 3155 or email edwinmasripan[at] if you have further inquiries or wish to help fund this project.

Now, I can’t hardly wait to blow my first whistle.. preet~ run!… preet~ jog!… preet~ down 50!… you know the drill.

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