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I am a frequent user of Maybank2u ever since 2001 when I first got my current account. I use Maybank2u to pay everything from car loan, house loan, bills, transfer money and sometimes top-up for others (don’t ask who).

But there are things I hate about Maybank2u.

  • Old design, since 2001.
  • Prepaid top up (mobile phone) will be given a code
  • TAC number delay, sometimes the next day
  • Bill Registration
  • Poor navigation, will only confuse others.
  • Poor graphic and coding
  • The use of iFrame
  • The HTTP 300 Error
  • Search feature, non existent.
  • Location of the Branch

Old design

Ever since 2001, the layout of the website is the same. I have several internet banking options, HSBC UK, NatWest and Chase. If you compare head to head, feature by feature, Maybank is the worst. Maybank should really bang their heads to produce something better looking and easy for the user (I’m usually tense when dealing with money). Here’s a few tips, get rid of the dropdown, dates & time, this new_small.gif jinjang icon, stupid pop-up javascript, also the almost-everything-bold-font.

Prepaid Topup

I use postpaid, but I did come across a few times where I had to top-up for my “ehem2“. Upon paying, I was given a string of code for my/her mobile, which is ridiculous. I was expecting Maybank to directly transfer the paid amount to my/her phone. That would be much easier don’t you think?

TAC Number, Texted to your Phone

I dare not deny the importance of this safety mechanism, however the SMS delay could take up to a day. Is it possible to make it in less than 2 minutes? Save us time before your website starts bugging, “Want to Log Out?

Bill Registration

Why do I have to register for my bills? I know what I want to pay (even if its someones’ elses bill). Wouldn’t it be easier to key in the account number and store the previous transaction? This way, the user could save a hell lot of time.

Poor Left Navigation

After logging in, there are series of navigation on the left, which is good really, but the structure is a bit messy. Often enough I get lost. I don’t have time to play the guessing game, “er.. maybe this one, let’s click it“. Everything has to be structured to accommodate a normal user. You do know that, Internet Banking is all about time saving, don’t you?

Poor Graphic and Coding

<img src=“xx.jpg” width=“153” height=“212” border=“0” alt=“”> </img>

If you look at the coding above, you will see that there’s so many ways to truncate the piece. In many cases, you DO NOT NEED to declare width and height of the image. If the picture is not in the right size, export to an image editor and resize it. By coding the width and height, it proves the designer is actually lazy and has poor taste/ knowledge. Below is my example.

<img src=“xx.jpg” border=“0” />

Notice how short it is? Be a good web designer, please don’t cut corners.

the Use of iFrame

iFrame is an old fashioned technique that I used when I was with Geocities, and that was way back in 2001. XHTML and CSS as the next big thing, I dropped the whole idea of iFrame but I still use it occasionally on my project to show external content. You can use effectively, however on Maybank2u, that’s not the case. Maybank2u utilizes iFrame obscenely! Almost all the time, I find myself scrolling side ways and I utterly hate that. You can read here and see how web developer disagrees with iFrame.

the HTTP 300 Error


This means, that you cannot access the page via, you have to use the WWW before the domain name. This is a classic case if you’re on a dedicated server. Get your web master to help. A quick user like myself find it irritating. I should program one of my keyboard to write, WWW once pressed.

Search Feature

There is no SEARCH feature at Maybank2u. This my friend, is bad, really bad.

Whilst I heard Maybank made RM1Billion for Q4, they still failed to purchase Why? Your dot com will show how serious you are about globalisation. What if Maybank haters purchased that domain and spreads out bad rumours about the company? So take note.

Branch Locater

How long will it take you to find your nearest Maybank branch via the website? It explains how bad the whole structure of the website.

All In All

Maybank is Malaysians top 10 most visited website (at no 10). The website is good as is, but making it better, would surely seal the “benchmark” for other banks in Malaysia. Maybank must keep up with the latest web technology (AJAX) other than offering latest products (banking facilities). They also need to crack their heads to remain as no 1 Malaysian internet banking facility. Good Luck.. or hire me 😉

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