Maybank – Stop It, It’s Not Funny

Maybank not funny

Maybank froze my account!

I have to admit, it was my fault. I was late to pay my credit card bill (by a few days). Now my account is blocked, I can’t use my ATM card, I can’t withdraw any money, how am I supposed to pay the amount I owe Maybank? Are they going to forfeit my money as well(subsequently my batch‘s money, it’s quite a lot you know). They should at least give me a ring before freezing my account. Talk about bad ethic.

Should I call the CEO or COO? I don’t think this is the time to call for favors. Once I get this sorted, I will change to other local bank. By the way, your Maybank – Myzone is ugly like hell. – for 50 Year Old Virgin []


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  1. waa.siannye..Grrr..Make me think a million time to get my own maybank credit card in da future..huhu..yeah.sure you should change to other local bank acc.~contigency plan~

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  2. Hmm, duit aku tibe2 “ghaib” dalam akaun Maybank.. Dan bukan aku saje, kawan mak aku, bapak kawan aku, dan kawan2 aku.. Huh,adakah ini betul?????

    Korang ada perasan tak, sebelum ni ada sticker tulis, “Maybank Rompak Bonus Pekerja”… ???? Huhuhu… Maybank, Maybank.. Betul la mcm rimau.. Ngap!! orang jer…

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  3. “Maybank Rompak Bonus Pekerja”
    Kempen nie bank workers yang buat. Bukan Maybank je. Aku tak penah pulak ilang duit. Tau-tau, menyumpah bile nak withdraw, tak leh kuar not 10. Aku miskin.

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  4. I think you should call their customer services line asap

  5. will be visiting the branch tomorrow.

  6. im upset I cant withdraw RM10 anymore.

  7. sadly, there was a few ‘anonymous’ call earlier but I refused to answer. I dont pick up calls if its a ‘Private Number’, makes me feel unprivate.

  8. credit card is ok, unless you want to spend like nobodys’ business and pening… how the hell to pay them back!

  9. me x pernah kene tutup akaun, tp pernah kene saman pasal issue cheque x cukup fund.. uhuhu

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  10. yeah…selamat btukar bank lain=)

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  11. gile ah maybank!! teruk betul. ko sound mulder tu. kasik pressure sama dia!!

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  12. hampeh tol maybank nih. aku prefer ambank.

  13. eh betul ke? pasal sticker tu tak tau pun. huhuhuh biar betul beb. apa kes mudah2 je lesap? byk ke? dh la sy baru je apply maybank sbb nk buat ebiz. wa….

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  14. 2 sebab diorang freeze acc ko.

    1 – Ko lambat bayo
    2 – 50 year old virgin? Lagi la diorang panas beb.

    terima kasih.

  15. gosh! they froze your maybank account? now u have to loan from FAMA a.k.a. FAther Mather. hehe~

  16. how bout you open up a new account. that might solve your problem. haha~

  17. got it solved already. Stupid bank..

  18. well, you paid the bill late, regardless whether it is a few days or a few minutes. and you’re blaming them for your own mistake ?

    my suggestions is go to maybank and get it all sort out. And i think if you go to other local bank, they still do the same thing..

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  19. it never happened to my other banks. Still, stupid bank.

  20. hrm… about that, i got no comments.

    maybe you’re telling the truth or otherwise i do not know.

    i ought to just leave it there..

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  21. uik? Tadi ye-ye sgt.

    So youre implying I’m lying?

  22. no, no.. definitely not. However, i dont want to rule out the possibility that you might be..

    my point is that sometime people do exxagerate when they are not happy, or feel being mistreated in any way.

    ikram_zidane’s last blog post..My first week of work

  23. Ci.

    Anyway, I got it sorted out already 😉

    That was sure some scary moment I had to endure 😕

  24. you think that was scary ? wanna hear my story.

    last year, i’ve already been making a lot of money from my freelance.

    i didnt owe an atm card, so my only option of widthdrawing money is to use my account book..

    I was form 5, going back from school everyday at 5pm (semi boarding school), the bank closes at 4 during weekdays and isn’t open during weekends.. every public holidays, when the school’s off, so was the bank.. so, think about it ? how the hell could i get any money from it..

    now that i do hold an atm card, i could only withdraw RM 300 max per day.. isn’t that sad. When i wanted to buy the psp, i had to widthraw the money for 3 consecutives days and can’t spend any of them within those 3 days.. suck isn’t it ?

    ikram_zidane’s last blog post..My first week of work

  25. Hmm.. thats funny. I could withdraw up to RM 2000 when I was in Form 5. and that was 8 years ago.

    Maybe they’ve change the policy :vangry:

  26. aah sama la.. aku pun miskin jugak.. mintak2 lepas ni boleh la kuar RM10 kan.. sian kat kite ni.. :halo:

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  27. Anyway I think you should deserve as what what maybank did due to
    1) You not pay your credit card outstading amount
    2) You not pay more than 3 months
    3) You don’t have money to pay a minimum amount( 5% of outstanding amount)
    So..don’t you think that maybank should freeze your account in order for Maybank get back the money that you already spent in anywhere you prefer..and moreover the money that Maybank took is also for the sake of other customer..thus like Nabil raja lawak always said..

  28. Pardon me, do you really know whats the situation like?

    If not, please refrain yourself from talking 😡

    I was late a month, not 3 months.

    I dont care if they want to freeze my account, at least have the courtesy of letting me (the client) know. More over, they can just deduct the money from my Current account.

    Like I said, dont comment if you dont know WTF is going on. BTW, I understand Malay. Dont write crooked english, its an eyesore.

  29. Pardon accepted..
    I know you are very frustrated in this situation. There are no solution if we keep arguing about this matter. But i want to tell you, the same thing happen to me and it so frustrated me. When I want to clear my house cheque in my base branch (CIMB), I found out that the cheque cannot be cash due to they have change the rule but the other local bank exercising othe . So at that particular time I was really desperate to have cash and it really give trouble. There are many other problems happen in other local banks but I could understand and at the end I identified that the dissatisfation that I faced are come from my weakness. Please forgive me if my word could be “crooked” as what you say, but for me in blogging everybody are…fikir la sendiri ok
    *People always seek other pople weakness but they do not realize their weaknesses..

  30. my Americanpie bro, did you know in America you can negotiate credit card interest? Did you know in UK, you can have 1 year of extending balance? Did you know in Germany, cheques can be cleared in 1 day?

    It was never about weakness, it was me being frustrated. I know my weaknesses (not all though) and Im open for suggestions to overcome it. We have to move forward, not sideways.

  31. this debate showed up in my email, i guess i ought to say something.

    my Americanpie bro, did you know in America you can negotiate credit card interest? Did you know in UK, you can have 1 year of extending balance? Did you know in Germany, cheques can be cleared in 1 day?

    Do you know that you’re in Malaysia ?

    ikram-zidane’s last blog post..Graphicless WordPress Theme

  32. Ikram Zidane, yup well aware of that. I just want Malaysia to live to what it claimed to be, ‘No1 in 3rd world countries’. If you do not foresee this as ‘teguran membina’ and swallow your pride, then I guess we’ll be stuck on 2nd gear for a longer time.

  33. I just want people to support our local bank. Maybank2u is the top ten brand that most popular in Malaysia. So the development of local business in Malaysia could be expanded to international by support from our local people. Don’t let our product being left behind due to small matters that are not relevant. I aggree with Ikram Zidane, where in US the credit card interest can be negotiate. For your information, this such exercise have resulted to the subprime issue that brought toward bad impact to the US economy. Is this we want in Malaysia? ❓

  34. That’s very thoughtful of you! Honestly! 👿

    Let me share with you what my friend from Maybank has to say
    ” Maybank’s infra is far behind other banks (local or international). Being top 10 rated in Forbes (Malaysia region), they (the boss) are reluctant to upgrade the infra, hence more profit. Maybank legacy is based on the loyal customers and being the first to adopt online interaction.”

    Anyhow AmericanPie, I was just giving an example how its like in foreign countries, we dont necessarily have to adopt their system. Heck we can even do better than that!

    I happened to be among the lucky ones to have spent years outside Malaysia. Whatever I learned/experienced there, I want bring it back to Malaysia (only the good ones).

  35. customer service pun mcm robot.. he just went on and on.. but not exactly listening to me.. aku mintak cara nak dptkan statement.. bg cara nk mintak TAC plak.. hoh i’m not that stupid in IT

  36. Just want to share….just happened to my friends…same as this situation.cuma terlewat nak selesaikan monthly for credit card..then all his salary has been freeze by Maybank.I pengguna Credit Card tetapi dengan bank yang lain iaitu EON. Jika kita x selesaikan minimum untuk bulan tu mereka akan call dan remind kan kita. Malah pernah 1 ketika saya tidak dpt membayar minimum payment utk 3 bulan berturut2 dan mereka meminta saya membayar sebanyak mana yg saya ada…dan slepas 2 bulan saya membayar ikut time, then letter from EON sampai dengan membenarkan saya membayar RM150 setiap bulan. Itu tidak mengapa, tapi yg buat saya terkejut dengan service dari pihak EON..saya tidak pernah meminta mereka utk membayar serendah begitu, tiba2 surat mcm tu tiba. Setahu saya apabila saya dah lewat 3 bulan berturut2 mereka akan mengambil tndakan mahkamh…ini tidakmasih ada toleransi….tidak dengan MAYBANK..tiada belas kasihan langsung….selepas kejadian kawan saya, keluar di berita mengatakn MAYBANK catat kerugian sekian2 amount….padanlah teruk sgt service yg kawan saya dpt..nasihat dari saya…jika tidakmahu ada masalah dengan akaun anda, jgn lah beruusan dengan MAYBANK…gunalah bank2 yang lain selain MAYBANK..sememangnya service yang mereka bagi amatlah teruk dan tidak berperikemanusiaan langsung.

  37. Juz wunna share..the situation like this juz happened to me last month.i was late to pay my cc for 1 month.i received a call frm maybank officer to remind me about the payment on Friday.So,I agreed to make the payment On the next day which is Saturday.When the next day,I immediately went for the payment from my saving acc.But I was suprised I cnt use my saving acc at all!I cnt make any transaction from my acc.Make thing worst,I was outstation at that time and about to go back KL.Just imagine hw that hell situation Ive got no cash in my pocket.So I called maybank to clear my acc and they said it only could be done during the working hour Monday to Friday.Then I argued about the tele conversation i received from maybank on Friday.In this situation,they supposed to consider since ive agreed to commit for the payment.They should not juz blocked my acc without any notifications.The next Monday I called maybank to unblocked my acc,its took 2 days after I jumped like crazy from one service number to another service number as I had to deal with the person incharge bla bla bla.. I am totally agree this is a bad ethic from maybank.I never get this much problem with other several bank services.

  38. My advice, Try not deal with Maybank in any forms, cause once they “catch” you, they just suck you dry as long as they can…. even just little money you had in their bank..try go for another bank if you can..

  39. bukan maybank je ni puclic bank acct pun kene block so macam mana nak settle ni?

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