Maxis10: Jenny Going Green!



I knew I wasn’t wrong when I chose the color. Looks very lotus like. I’m smiling to world’s end now. 😉

– sent from HTC desire z


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demm… lawa dowh macam kaler wira aeroback tahun 2000. hijau mat terap metalik eh? cun dowh. aku tadek masa lagi nak survey pasai sen tadek lagi. malas nak tanye. dah ade sen baru berani nak tanye.

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Ade warne tu ke? Hmm.. aku ade jumpe waja warne hijau ni. tp lain kot. Sbb kaler aku, kaler mercedes, cume harge proton la. Hahahha

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Kreuger wrote on December 25, 2010 #1

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