Maxis10: Impressive Speed on HTC Desire Z, Leaving Everyone Trailing

I’ve always wondered, what made a 800 Mhz faster than 1Ghz? I guess that’s a bit too technical if I were to explain. But I’ve been told there’s another processor for graphic built in for the HTC Desire Z.

Just to share with you on how fast is HTC Desire Z, check out the benchmark below. I assure you, although I’m damn-bloody-good-at-photoshop, these are direct from the phone.

The benchmark was done using Quadrant Standard Edition.

Leaving Samsung Galaxy S and its’ sister, HTC Desire trailing behind. That’s something don’t you think?

ps: My Hotlink ticket is already out. 1 day is too short!

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12 thoughts on “Maxis10: Impressive Speed on HTC Desire Z, Leaving Everyone Trailing”

  1. hah.. out of topic jap..
    nampak cam guna ATK.. Seems like this HTC do need ATK too..

    next time, boleh tak citer pasal penggunaan bateri dia.. cepat abis ke tak.. XD

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