Maxis10: Google Goggles on HTC Desire Z Helps the Illiterate People

Ok, the title may have a bad ring to it, but yeah, we are illiterate when it comes to foreign language.

Fret not, Google Goggles is here to save you!

What it does is, it translates German, Italian, French, Spanish to other languages using the Google Goggles Lab’s. Personally, it’s an extension of Google Translate using image processing to capture text and turn it to an understandable language. (I did image processing when I was studying, it was petrifying, don’t do it!)

Upon launching the application, it will tell you what you can and can’t do. Funny they mentioned it won’t work on pets. LoL

It scans through the text, finding patterns of scripture. It somewhat felt like The National Treasure played by Nicholas Cage.

There you have it, a translation of German language. Pretty snappy tool huh? The best place to use is when you’re in Europe, especially in France, to avoid ordering *Escargot when you actually want French toast.

Another test, let’s try a lotion.

I translated “Fruit of the Earth” to Malay, Buah Bumi! Accurate enough 🙂

Last one, trying a Monument.

It shows what’s the name of the building. Pretty impressive if you’re outdoor.

Click “Map” you will be prompt to choose what app you want to use.

It pinpoints where exactly it’s located. Smart eh?

The Pros

  1. It’s a very nifty tool for travelling.
  2. Very straight forward to use.
  3. Almost accurate, depending on camera/picture.
  4. Helpful for Muslim, to know the content when shopping
  5. Cool factor, but leaning towards geeky.

The Cons

  1. Does not support cryptic language like Mandarin, Hindi, Urdu etc.
  2. Needs internet connection which can be expensive for roaming.
  3. Does not recognize paragraph.
  4. Depends on your camera, if it’s ok, then it’ll work like charm.
  5. Can be slow using earlier generation Android phones.

All in all, you should try it. If it’s not up to your taste, uninstall it.

ps: Will show loading of HTC Desire Z compared with Samsung Galaxy S!

pss: This is the 10th post! I will set the new record for #Maxis10 LoL

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  1. pergh best ni google goggles terkesima gak la aku tgok function dia hohoho

    p/s: baru tau wujudnya perkataan “fred not” haha selama ni dengar dalam tv ingatkan dia sebut afraid not =.=”

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