Maxis10: Dual Keyboard, Type or Touch?

For those of you who’s still blur, HTC Desire Z comes with a physical keyboard. Now, how do you leverage on these hardwares (physical or screen keyboard)?

To make the best of it, I change a few of its settings, much like the phone I’m used to, Nokia 5800. When you hold it vertically (portrait mode), the phone keypad comes to life (like normal phone) and holding it horizontally (landscape mode), I’ll get a full QWERTY keypad.

The first few days, dealing with HTC Desire Z was cumbersome if not troubling. It keeps auto correcting. I wanted to type Gmail, but it spelled out Genital. Luckily I didn’t shoot that email out to my customer.

I wanted to write “You memang”, turns out differently. Notice the XT9 on the right. Click that to turn off Auto Complete/dictionary. I find this setting suits me most.

In landscape mode, I have to click “memang” else it’ll change to “means” as highlighted.

If I pull the keyboard out, I’ll be able to type as pleased. That, being Manglish. It comes handy especially if you talk that way, in real and digital life. I even have additional space to see what I’m typing.

Question: How Do I Change it?


1. Go to Menu > Settings > Language & Keyboard > Touch Input > Hardware Keyboard Settings and turn off prediction.

2. Go to Menu > Settings > Language & Keyboard > Touch Input > Keyboard types chose Phone Keypad

That’s it! You can now tweet and f-booking using Manglish. I find it convenient most of the time.

ps: Seriously, the keyboard is starting to get loose.

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