Maxis Astro Broadband IPTV, Dial Up is 10 Times Better.

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We’ve just changed our broadband package from Unifi to Maxis Astro IPTV, in my opinion it’s THE WORST internet and cable service I’ve come across. Here’s a video showing that I’ve capture while watching football. It happened so many times, hence why I was able to capture this footage.

In the tv commercial, they depicted football fans streaming a football game online and faced difficulty when the ball was stuck half way through.

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Not sure to celebrate or not? Watch the Video

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It was exactly what I felt while watching the game yesterday.

To make matters worst, it’s a nightmare getting the Astro guys on the line. Maxis.. pfttt.. don’t bother dealing with no 1 CON TELCO in Malaysia. They won’t even publish their support number on their website. They couldn’t care shit about your line or your account. I HATE rambling for nothing, but the service is really poor. Here’s the difficulties I’m facing.

  1. SUCKY Internet Connection. Can’t even maintain a consistent speed let alone meet the 10Mbps. It’s rubbish. I’m constantly forced to use my phone from time to time.
  2. WiFi Router Mega Crap. You put the router next to a pile of feces, the feces is better. Lose signal easily, no signal in our room, timeout when a 5 people connect and hangs a lot of time.
  3. The IPTV Remote provided is STUPID. You really have to align the remote properly to change channel.
  4. STUCK IPTV. It’s the most annoying thing is when the screen is stuck. Bloody hell, it happens while watching football.
  5. Non EXISTENT Customer Support. Just when you get someone on the line, they drop the call. Where is your call center? Under the sea ke? Plus they don’t publish the support number openly.

If you’re planning to change to Maxis Astro Broadband IPTV deal or whatever feces they call it, FORGET IT. It’s useless. Stick to the old setup, silo Astro and TM Unifi unit. Seriously don’t even think about it even if you’re getting waived. I would normally rate TM Unifi 3.5 star, but having dealt with Maxis-Astro, I’d give 8 stars. It’s just that bad.

ps: Maxis-Astro rep, this is seriously one unhappy customer.



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marah betul brader ni. kekekeke. abis tu, hang buat ape bro? terminate ke ape?

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Azman Ishak wrote on October 28, 2013 #1

Dens! aku baru nk subscribe that 10mb with iptv package. I’ll stick to unifi then, so far dh 2.5 years on unifi takde problem..

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Bakar replied #1

Our IPTV takes 8 days to activate..asik kata dah activate tp tak ada gambar

stress tahap gaban

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Shahnaz Aziz wrote on October 29, 2013 #2

Mujurlah aku tak jadi ambik pakej iptv ni. Maintain unifi je la.

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Fadhil Husin wrote on October 30, 2013 #3

The same problems I faced One day you encountered 3 -4 times system reboot automatically When these happen your TV program is interrupted Internet stopped and desk phone is rendered useless which has to be reset at the modem When you contact Astro IPTV they deliberately ask you to key (1) for Bahasa Malaysia (2) for English – however hard press these 2 buttons on your desk phone they never register on their end with voice saying there’s no response from us and hang up I’ve never encountered worse service than this

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Felix Wong wrote on February 12, 2015 #4

Mmg tgh berkira² nak amik AStro IPTV/Unifi.
Luckily baca blog ni.. Tak jadi la amik AStro IPTV

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Rosalinda wrote on March 27, 2015 #5

Dah hampir 2 tahun since Bro ni pissed off kat Astro Iptv. Ada perubahan yang positive tak sejak tu ? 10mbps tu tempting nak ambil sebab murah … Pls comment again. TQ

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Ok sudah stabil. Tapi router dia masih bengong, lagi2 bila semua orang pakai serentak.

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Adi wrote on June 26, 2015 #6

Susah to get best broadband in Malaysia ni. Always kena Con saja. I dah guna almost semua available operator. From P1, Maxis, Streamyx, Time and even YES but after 1 year ada masalah connection time out timbul.
Using UNIFI 20mb pun sama je and ingat nak ke Astro Maxis but friends yg kerja di Astro pun kata still got problems. Kalau staff yg dapat langganan free pun kata camtu so camne?
Kena redha saja bayar service yg x kemana and unreliable ni. Myb its part of norm in Malaysia. Most importantly let’s fully utilized what we have and don’t waste 3-5 hundreds a month.

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Azuan wrote on December 6, 2015 #7

Sekarang dh ok ke bro?? Boadband n wifi dh stable ke?? Sbb astro iptv just called me and still havent decide yet. Also thingking about to use android iptv.. any recommendation?

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Seem ok right now

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Asyraf 84 wrote on December 14, 2015 #8

Hi Bro,

So Astro iptv+Maxis fiber stable now? They change anything for you to make solve the earlier problem? Connection speed 10mbps, is it up to the par of the claim speed?

Baru register Astro iptv+maxis fiber package. Tp masih belum pasang. Tgh contemplating ni lepas baca byk negative comment, especially year dated 2013-2014. So nk tanya now okay ke?

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Yup, its ok for now. Sorry took me sometime to reply this.

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Idzuan wrote on January 2, 2016 #9

Hi Bro, how is the Astro iptv now? Much better or still as bad? Hope to hear from you 😉

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NoktahHitam replied #1

It got better. But the router needs serious upgrade. If more than 5 devices connected it starts giving problem.

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Mink wrote on February 3, 2016 #10

Hi, how is your Astro now? Connection ok? Coz I got a call from them to subscribe, I’m undecided.

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JC wrote on February 12, 2016 #11

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