Mari Boikot Kedai Mamak?

If you go lunatics over politics, you’ve probably heard about the foul cry by opposing hardcore.

Mari Boikot Kedai Mamak?

Apparently KIMMA, Kongres India Muslim Malaysia came out with a bold statement, claiming that PKR offered monies well over RM 50 million to get support from the congress. To add further fuel to fire, they instated their loyalty belongs to BN. Picked up from TukarTiub.

As a result of this crooked/bent statement, a campaign was born. Yes, you are right. “Boycott Mamak joints”, especially Syed and Khulafa.

1. Seriously? RM 50 million to buy votes? PKR might as well spend on better political gains like create a new TV/Radio station. Where is the logic of that?

2. Somehow it doesn’t click, KIMMA came out with slander, thus boycott their joints?

3. Mamak joints isn’t actually clean, though rated A. The service is sometimes poor, especially if newly imports waiters who barely speaks Malay and they have stinky body odor.

4. Mamak joints is very profitable. Thanks to low wager and margin 700% on drinks.

5. Their workers indirectly contribute to our Ringgit flowing out of our country by sending back to their home town. Imagine 70,000 work force sends back RM 400 a month. That’s RM 28 million and you wonder why RM isn’t strong against other currencies.

To boycott or not to, it’s in your hand. I am not implying anything.

Personally, I do wonder why a teh o kosong (that’s tea without sugar) costs RM 1.50. It’s just boil water (or is it?) with recycled tea bag. All this while, I do disagree with the pricing and cleanliness of Mamak and yet, I choose to loiter there to watch football or gathering of friends.

ps: KIMMA sounds so wrong if you utter it quickly.

pps: FYI, India Muslim is not a Malay. They are Indians.


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  1. tapi gua suka air mamak. ada perisa ketiak. sedap layan bola high macam isap ganja derrr

  2. Kebanyakkan India Muslim ngaku Malay, dan aku ade sorang kawan yg mcm tu. Pfft…

  3. hmm sedangkan melay pun tanak mengaku malay, indian muslim pulak duk sibuk nak ngaku. haha. the world is full of confused people.

  4. Gile lu, meleleh dari ketiak. Padan ko minum coke je. Lagi selamat, tp tak natural la..

  5. Ade Melayu tak ngaku Melayu. Hahaha

    Aku Jawa babe, lebih specific

  6. lerrr I comment dua kali. so malu. delete je la comment atas tadi :”>

  7. bn bagi kedai mamak idup, mestila dia org sokong

  8. Aku rase sbb bagi dorg tanah kot. Hahahhaa

  9. you deleted my comment?! fine, tanak dah comment then.

  10. aku benci mamak tp tak tahan nk makan nasi kandar

  11. dan aku ada sorg kawan India Muslim (mak bapak dia not even a PR in Malaysia) mengaku bumiputera and racist. selalu kutuk melayu itu dan ini depan2 aku. pfffttt…

  12. body odor? hell yeah,all banglas in msia have that. damn annoying,esp when we’re crammed with them in the KTM..a reason why i never take ktm these days.

    except Syed,i always got a low price when dining at mamak tho. 🙂

  13. teringat dulu ada kisah restoran mamak popular kt wangsa maju yang sanggup letak najis dalam kuah nak bagi sedap. kantoi ngan orang pastu siap offer bagi duit untuk tutup mulut. sejak dari tu mmg dah geli makan kt kedai mamak

    out of topic: lambat bg wish congratz dapat anak buah Azeem 🙂

  14. tapi gi gak

  15. abis, tom tu? masuk koleq as indian muslim atau melayu? atau sebagai pelajar cemerlang upsr? haha.

  16. Assalamaulikum..janganlah kita dengki dgn orang baik kita jaga tepi kain kita sendiri kalau kita nak berjaya kita kenalah usaha bukan nak kutuk orang??

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