Malaysians: Rude or Like To Keep It Short?

Malaysia Polite

What’s the sharpest thing in the world?
It’s word coming out your mouth. It could taint and break friendship or family ties ❗

It’s in the National Principle, COURTESY AND MORALITY (Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan). I don’t wish to elaborate more, but I’ll give you some examples. I guess its fair if I compare it with other developed countries.

At The Airport

The Malaysian
PassportCounter: Passport?
NoktahHitam: Here you go. I’m not a wanted person am I?
*PassportCounter glares* I’m sure its boring sitting at the booth the entire day. A joke or two could spring her back.. right? πŸ˜‰

The British
PassportCounter: Would you be kind enough to hand me your passport, please.
NoktahHitam: Here you go. I owe the bank Β£100,000 don’t I?
PassportCounter: Funny, as I recall, there was another zero..
*NoktahHitam glares, then laughs* The joke is on me πŸ™„

At a Restaurant or Cheap Cafe

The Malaysian
Waiter: Minum? (drink?)
NoktahHitam: Nescafe Ais (Iced Coffee)
Waiter: Makan? (eat?)
NoktahHitam: No thanks
*Waiter glares* he probably think I’m a cheapskate 😈

The Americans
Waiter: Are you ready to order sir?
NoktahHitam: Yes I am.
Waiter: Ok, what would you like to have? We have our house specialty today, would you like to try?
NoktahHitam: Nope I’m fine, just fetch me a sparkling water.
Waiter: Super. I’ll have that brought over in no time.
*NoktahHitam glares* In No Time means now… talk about precision.

The Bus Stop, Asking Stranger for Directions

The Malaysians
NoktahHitam: Excuse me, which bus takes me to Setiawanga?
Stranger A: 237A
*Stranger A glares* as if I’m trying to hit on her 😯

The Australian
NoktahHitam: Pardon me, I need to know which bus takes me to Daimaru?
Stranger F: It’s alright. You need to take that bus. It’ll probably take about 15-20 minutes. Do you have enough change?
NoktahHitam: Yes I do. Thank you.
Stranger F: Here on holiday?
NoktahHitam: Both, business and surfing.
*NoktahHitam glares* is she trying to hit on me? :XO:

The Lost and Found

The Malaysians
NoktahHitam: Pardon my intrusion, did you see any camera lying around here?
Stranger L: No.
*Stranger L stares* he probably thought, if “I found that camera, I would have sold it” :kiss:

The Germans
NoktahHitam: Spreken ze English?
GermanChick: Ja. May I know what seems to be the trouble?
NoktahHitam: I lost my camera somewhere around this area.
GermanChick: You should head over to that police booth. Usually people return found items there.
NoktahHitam: Danke schoen
*NoktahHitam smiles* she isn’t the prettiest around but sure is helpful πŸ˜›

The Shop I Worked At

The Malaysians
Boss A: Angkat ni letak belakang, pastu print draft smlm (Send this to the back and print me yesterdays draft)
NoktahHitam: Sure thing.
*Boss A stares* He thinks I couldn’t handle such easy task 😐

The British
Boss M: Morning love. How was your weekend?
NoktahHitam: I slept the entire day.
Boss M: Great! Now that you’re energized, I need you to send this to the back. It’d be lovely if you could also bring me yesterday’s sales report after that
NoktahHitam: Sure thing Mr M.
Boss M: Oh please, just call me T.
*NoktahHitam speechless* I thought there’s a great wall between boss-staff, no? ❗

And here we are, calling ourselves Peramah, Bersopan, Bersusila. It’s time to re-think the “Malaysia Boleh” enigma. It doesn’t hurt to be kind and polite. I would love to hear what you have to say. So please comment ❗

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ps: Vindicated is my favorite Dashboard Confessional song :up:

pss: I made a new specs! I’m no longer blind πŸ˜†

psss: Dad is off to Umrah πŸ˜₯

pssss: My sister-in-law is pregnant.. I’m gonna be an UNCLE? SHIT I’M OLD! πŸ˜₯

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