Malaysian Likes to Repeat

repeated remarks

just woke up from a 12-hour-sleep, boy that was fantalicious! 😀

Let’s face it, repeating remarks are a norm to us. No idea what I’m talking about? Follow the examples below.

*phone rings*
Pissed Client : Helo
Friend in Cinema : Helo.. in cinema, in cinema.
Pissed Client : I have a serious matter to discuss with you.
Friend in Cinema : Talk later, I’ll talk later
Pissed Client : The server is down, we need your assistance.
Friend in Cinema : Come later, I’ll come later
Pissed Client : When will you be coming?
Friend in Cinema : After movie, after movie, I come after movie-lah!

Even though your phone is on vibrate, you shouldn’t be answering calls in the cinema. It distracts people like me. Anyway, that’s a clear example of repeating remarks. I’m very sure “Pissed Client” can hear well although “Friend in Cinema” is whispering 😈

Amoi TL : Where were you last weekend?
NoktahHitam : I was in Kuala Kangsar.
Amoi TL : Oh, in Kuala Kangsar. What were you there for?
NoktahHitam : I’m helping out the rugby squad.
Amoi TL : Helping out the rugby squad?
NoktahHitam : God, you’re annoying.
Amoi TL : Me, annoying?
NoktahHitam : You see
Amoi TL : See what?

That’s a normal conversation in Malaysia 😮

Actress J : Mom, I’m pregnant.
Actress L : What? You’re pregnant?
Actress J : Yes I am.
Actress L : Ok. Who’s the father?
Actress J : The father? I have no idea.
NoktahHitam : Give birth to the baby and ask him to start a religion (like Mary & Christ)

That’s a local movie. Thanks to them, they wasted 2 minutes of my life 😡

Catch my drift now? I understand that life is not like American movies, comic strips or sitcoms. Charges carrying information in your brain travels in nano second (that’s 0.000,000,001 sec), it’s either you’re a slow thinker, you have lazy ears or you’re deaf. (If the last applies, pardon my rudeness) 😳

How does this have anything to do with Malaysia’s progress? If repeating is a norm to you, then you’ve trained your brain to be slow in digesting informations. Collectively, people like you will waste significant amount of time :vangry:

There’s many ways to overcome this, for instance, you could pause for 2-5 secs and continue the conversation. Like I said, life is not a sitcom, take your time to reply. Overtime, you will be accustomed to this and helps you think faster. Don’t think too long, others might think you’re dumb. And if you have kids or younger siblings, try not repeat what they say or ask. I’m sure they’ll be smarter 😎

If you really want to pile forward, stop making redundant remarks. Save your time, my time and everyone else’s time ❗

ps: ‘Serious Matters‘ will be once a week only 😕
pss: Soft launch of – Funny Forwarded Emails :up:

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