MalaysiaKini: Polis Rogol Budak Sekolah

Polis Raja Di Malaysia

To those who may have missed the news headlines, here’s some F* up story.

Police rogol budak sekolah. This is sick. Polis Di Raja Malaysia or Polis Raja di Malaysia?

Jamil Abdul Sah, 27, didakwa merogol gadis berusia 17 tahun itu di bilik maklumat, balai berkenaan antara jam 6 dan 7 pagi, 18 Jun 2008. -MalaysiaKini

Jamil is reportedly the only earner in the family. If he is put to jail for 20 years, who’d feed his wife and two kids? He should have thought of that before raping anyone. Bodoh.

Now, the big question, who else can we trust?

  • The Gov – With Pak Lah’s flip flop decisions and mismanagement of cabinet, denials and more denials, No.
  • The Police – Grand Saga case, Anwar’s Black eyed or simply, Polis Raja Di Malaysia. No.
  • The Court – Fixed decisions, appointments & always in favor of Gov. No.
  • Lawyers – More of law benders if you ask me. Partially, but comes with a heavy price tag.
  • Mufti and Father – For a loaf of bread and a bowl of stew, yes. Yes, can be trusted, but can’t help much.
  • Batman – He only deals with High Profile Villain like Botak Chin & Kalimuthu. No.

Which reminds me of a Malay saying of which I’ve never used, Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi.

Can you trust the police? Let me know what you think.

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