MalaysiaKini: Perak Gov Dissolved

Today’s headline hit me hard, BN bakal bentuk k’jaan baru Perak.

Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (PKR, Behrang), Mohd Osman Jailu (PKR, Changkat Jering), Hee Yit Foong (DAP, Jelapang) and Datuk Nasarudin Hashim (Bota). 2 words, FUCK OFF!

Harsh, I know. I didn’t have to be picky in choosing words, traitors deserves a shitty introductory. You turn your back on your people, one day, they’ll do the same.

Back in high school, we were taught to never turn our back on batchmates. The proverb, “Unity is Strength” was hard coded into our mind. However, we do have a few back stabbers as well, and look what they ended with? No One.

ps: Sorry slow update, I’m rarely emo these days.


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  1. you’re right bro..those 2 words really sums up what they deserve…let the people see how stupid and hypocrite our politicians are.. :down: :down: :down:

  2. fresh new election for Perak!

  3. I don’t know about the rest, but that Bota assemblyman really deserved that big fuck off.

    Long time no see, btw 🙂

  4. apa dh jadi dgn akta lompat parti? walau apa parti sekalipun org mcm ni langsung tak boleh dipercayai lagi. :mrgreen:

  5. if there is a need for a fresh election, i hope the people will go for good politicians (IF ANY) instead of choosing based on parties.

  6. It is a smart slap on the face.

  7. This is good. Let them jump. This ‘exercise’ will purge those low lifes from PR. You jump, I laugh.

  8. i think traitors deserve more than fuck off. i’ll find a harsher curse phrase and let you know, yeah?

  9. Adun Changkat Jering Kapten (Ber$ara) Mohd O$man Jailu berkata walaupun beliau kini merupakan anggota beba$ di DUN Perak tapi jiwanya adalah pada BN.

    “Beba$ tapi jiwa pada BN,” katanya.

    Talak guna punya org, hehe

  10. i’d say the same thing if they left because of money or other form of rewards. but i’d reserve such comments if they left with a valid reason like incompetent de facto leader (broken promises, pushing personal agenda ahead of party etc), incompetent line leader (macam2 hal la baca about nizar these days, sendiri cari la) or just losing faith with the party altogether. that is normal in politics. semangat 46 hidup and mati pon sebab faith, imho.

    but politicking is never clean. can it even be clean is still debatable, my vote is on no.

    to those defectors, i hope you’re not doing this for the wrong reasons.

  11. lompat si katak lompat,
    lompat tingg-tinggi,
    ape yang YB dapat,
    lompat balik parti?

  12. NH,
    it was Anwar who started all these lompat parties thingy, wasn’t it?
    Sekarang bisa sudah memakan diri sendiri..
    Maybe kalau Anwar sabar dulu, tak kelam kabut nak take over the goverment, BN pun tak kelam kabut nak memancing.
    Apa apa pun, both sides should know, people voted for the parties, not for individual candidates.

    I oppose lompat party time Anwar dulu, and i oppose it now.


  13. :vangry: Aku org Perak, mmg sakit hati bab ni.. baru hendak menikmati sedikit perubahan ada yang dah pacak lembing kat belakang F*CK..

    ps:mereka yang begini lebih keji dari najis

  14. apa punya falsafah Osman Jailu bebas katanya tapi jiwa BN, baik masuk BN, bijak tp bodoh.

    Cuba semak akaun diorang???? niama!!

  15. I never said I’m supporting him. But at the same time, I hate the current gov. So what better options do we have?

  16. “fect, saya nak tercirit.”

    itu di saat kami diajar tentang unity is strength. kekeke

  17. nik aziz cadangkan supaya election diadakan semula. lompat parti adalah tindakan tak bermaruah! hopefully the sultan will consider the idea.

    mahathir pulak kata yang bn tak patut terima mereka yang asyik melompat n terlibat dlm skandal rasuah.

    wise old man. both of them are right! 😎

  18. betuuulll!!! itu bukan bebas lah bengong betooolll!!! pengecuttt!!!

  19. Aku nak salahkan Anwar. Kalau tak kerane idea die, tade la tunggang langgang macam ni negare. Think about the foreign investors!

  20. your fuckin serious? Anwar is almost like Barack Obama, he’s so good that in 10 years, Malaysia will be like heaven. So dress warm!!!

  21. Well, he introduced the Leap of Faith.

  22. think about it this way, you’re only what religion you are because you were born into it, i would say, respectfully that 90% of the people in this world didn’t study all the religions before choosing one to devote his life to. if people can’t think for themselves and have to believe in something.. just because “their parents said-so” then we are no different than others. islam has its beautiful sides but killing another person for disagreeing with you isn’t one of it, i’m sorry

  23. when i said “others”, i meant *other mammals/living beings that can’t think for themselves

  24. ehm..kita tengok aje la apa yg akan berlaku nanti.. 😈

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